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Your thursday doorbusters sale in appleton wisconsin was a hoax, a lie, we waited in line for hours, we were one of the first ones in line and we were told that we would get a ticket at 6:00 pm for the tv's (32" @$97) and other items as advertised in the newspaper and it was 6:20 and we were told that instead of 6:00 pm the tickets would be hand out at 7:00. Then at 7:20, they said they would hand the tickets as soon as some online ordering was done, and at 7:45 we where told that there were no tv's or any tickets to be hand out so we were lured there with a bunch of lies or someone didn't do their job right. Bad experience and a waste of time.

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Sears Response


Please accept our sincere apologies for the level of customer service you have experienced at one of our local Sears stores. My name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support Team. Doorbusters, BOGO sales, are limited in quantity and due to great response; some items are no longer available. I can see how discouraging it can be to receive the level of customer service on Thanksgiving night. We would like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to speak with on you on recent experience. At your convenience, please contact our office via email at smadvisor@searshc.com so you don’t have to be upset by this any longer. In the email, please provide a contact number and the phone number at the time of purchase (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. In addition, please include your Screen name (AdmTechie) in the email for reference to your issue. Again, we’re sorry for any trouble we have caused and we hope to talk to you soon.

Thank you,

Liz R

Social Media Moderator

Sears Response

Dear mariomario,

Thanks for the feedback! Doorbusters, BOGO sales, are limited in quantity and due to great response; some items are no longer available. We appreciate your business.

Thank you,

Liz R.

Social Media Moderator

Social Media Support


Oh, you need to take a ticket. What a load of BS.

Jupiter, Florida, United States #572620

Experienced the Same Thing at the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Sears Store. The Assistant Manager was RUDE when informing everyone - and this is after they distributed "tickets" unannounce at ONLY ONE ENTRANCE - yet people were in line at THREE different entrances to the store. There were no announcements made to any of the groups waiting - and no one was able to tell what was happening - it seems to be the goal of Sears to CREATE CHAOS and MAYHEM.

I cannot imagine this being the state of things - I don't understand the attitude of this manager, or the intentions of Sears in doing and causing this problem. Very disappointing.

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