Kalamazoo, Michigan

I purchased a very large item (1,857 dollars total) in June of 2011. I was told to sign up (with this purchase) to Sears "Shop your way rewards" program. I did as instructed since it promised me credit towards their store as a percentage of the items purchased.

In July I had not yet received the credit. I emailed again, and got a response from an agent who said the credit should be there in 30 days if it wasn't to then login and request the credit.

In September (well past the 30 days) I logged in again and there was no credit, I then clicked on the request credit link, which required my receipt and other specific information from the original purchase and requested me to wait ANOTHER 30 days!

This is similar to the rebate scams that delay, delay and constantly require new customer interaction, only to delay some more. They do this until the consumer forgets about it or no longer has the receipt.

They promise you big credit if you purchase big items and then require "processing time" hoping you forget about it, and if you do remember, they require you to "remind them" with the receipt (which is so old by now the ink has almost faded.

Some customer service, I will no longer be shopping with Sears. I'll take my business elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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"FRAUD!!!!!!" I ordered a $200 card that never arrived Sears will not cancel the card or reissue

The card is likely in some employees hands to use as a Holiday Gift or Corporate never issued it and this is a nice multi million dollar scam to prevent redemption - extracting the money from the rewards program !!!!!!


I earned 73,293 miles/points using my Sears Citi card this year which pays one pt/mile for every dollar spent. Last month I spent over $13,000 on my card, and paid the balance off as usual so I do not accrue any interest, with the intention of requesting an iPad II next month which was approx.

90,000 pt. I wanted the iPad to use as a baby monitor because we our expecting our first child in September, a baby girl! Well, low & behold Sears & Citi bank cancelled my card two days ago for absolutely no reason other than to avoid paying me the miles/points I had accrued. Is this legal?

Do I have any recourse? Consumers please be leery of this shady practice. It irks me beyond disbelief that two reputable companies such as Sears & Citi bank would participate in such a wrongful practice; talk about blind-sided. Here is they're fine print which basically gives them the opportunity to *** if they want to by cancelling your account at anytime...

If your membership is terminated (including if your Account is closed), or if you decide to cancel your membership in Sears Choice Rewards, all accumulated Points will be forfeited. ---All I can say is Wow, & ouch!! Terribly unethical, unjust, & wrong. Another case of big banks and big industry bending over the middle class.

I'm going to try to take this to my local news outlets and see if I can alert the rest of my community here in Austin, TX or better yet nationwide. Thanks, Gene jobwatching@yahoo.com


We apologize for this situation and the inconvenience that it has caused. Please contact us at feedback@shopyourwayrewards.com and include your original post so that we may address your concerns.


Yes, Sears, KMart, and Lands' End suck BIG TIME. Lands' End used to be OK until they were assimilated by Sears.