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Sears Holdings advertised a 1080, 50” Sony TV. I went to the store in Utica, Michigan and purchased the TV for just under $1,400. I picked up the TV and went back to my office. I looked at the box and found that the TV was labeled as a 720. I returned to the store within 45 minutes and the clerks said that the ad was incorrect and would not be honored. They would give me $100 off of the current TV if I would keep it. I told the salesman that the process was called “bait and switch” and is highly illegal. Sears only lists their part number and not the model number of the TV on the receipt. This makes it very convenient to switch products if the customer is not attentive. I asked for the store manager and she was very angry but did give me her business card. She said that Sears Holdings is not responsible for any mistakes in their ads.

The ad clearing listed the model number and specifications. The salesman stated the ad was valid and in fact sold another TV at the same time I bought mine. The couple did return to the store minutes before my return but they took the additional $100 discount.

The discounted price on the 720, 50” Sony is no real bargain.

Sears just swapped the model using their own product code.

In this manner Sears can switch the 1080 TV with a lower cost 720. If the customer does not notice, they sold the TV at market price. If the customer returns the TV some will take the $100 discount and think they received a good price.

This is just modern day bait and switch.

I returned the TV and would love to have a lawyer and the BBB pursue action against the new Sears Holding for this poor behavior.

I wonder what Roebuck would have said about the new behavior at Sears Holdings?


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Saipan, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands #16243

No kidding. If I'm going to spend $1,000 on ANYTHING, I'm going to read the box.

And I defy all but the sharpest eyes in the world to be able to tell the difference between a 720 and 1080.

Either way, you got a deal, and you accepted it. Walk it off.

Blountville, Tennessee, United States #14814

This is why you should always check the boxes first. Is it sleazy?

Absolutely. But it's completely avoidable.

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