Oakland, California
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I went to the Sears outlet store in Oakland CA 9 days ago and bought a refrigerator. They scheduled a delivery for two days ago and made automated calls to me 4 times and one email to confirm the delivery.

I had my old refrigerator pulled out and all the food removed. The truck came and said they were unable to deliver it because there were stairs. Nearly all homes in my area have stairs. It is very hilly.

The delivery guy and I spent 40 minutes on a Saturday evening with customer service and rescheduled the delivery for Monday AM. Sunday night the call center called me and told me it was Monday PM. The delivery man had already said they have no 4 person crews on in the afternoon. I called the center Monday AM when it was supposed to be coming and spent 50 min with the call center on hold and being disconnected.

Finally they gave me the number of the dispatcher. It was the wrong number for the dispatcher- it was their fax machine but I tried a number with the last digit a couple of digits away and got the dispatcher. They told me they were not coming that morning but that they could come tomorrow. 12 hours later I just received a call from the call center in the Philippines giving me a different time than what the dispatcher had said.

Each time I have emptied the refrigerator of food.

The delivery man refused to help me push the old one back into the wall. I am female and 5' 1" and older and he watched me mover the refrigerator by myself while he was on hold with customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I have just had an experience with the sears call centre which ensures I will NEVER BUY FROM SEARS AGAIN. The call centre is in the Philippines (Americans could do this job better, and would care more), and it is worse than talking to a computer.

The phone quality is awful, the English of the people is mediocre and the ability to get anything done beyond what a computer program could do is zero. Why did SEARS do this?