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I wish I had read up on Sears Home Delivery before ordering my mattress from them. When they first scheduled delivery it was during work for me, so I called and gave them 3 different days & times that would work. It ended up scheduled for Saturday between 5-7pm...not a great time for me as I was having a party at 7pm, but as long as they came on time we'd be ok.

They never showed up. I got a call half an hour afterward from a salesperson who was "so sorry" the truck had gone over its allotted number of hours or something and wouldn't be able to deliver to me, and I was supposed to have been notified, and there were no excuses, but lots of apologies.

But no worries, cause hey -- I'm a pretty chill person. I said it was ok, and we could reschedule.

The next available day was Monday. I got a call on Monday that the truck had broken down and I would need to reschedule. Ok, fine. Rescheduled for today (Thursday April 19). The sales person I spoke to said that I could request a call ahead of 30 minutes or an hour so that I wouldn't have to sit at home the whole time -- perfect, since I work 1.5 miles away, so then I can leave work in enough time to get here and meet the delivery people. Perfect.

They never called, showed up at my place and called me asking where I was. I told them I was 30 minutes away, I was supposed to have been called ahead of time, and asked them to please wait -- I didn't want to have to reschedule again. The truck driver was extremely abrupt and said no that's too long, and when I pressed he said he'd call customer service. Customer service called me about 5 minutes later while I was fighting traffic to get home (I only work a mile and a half away, but this is Los Angeles) and asked me if I was home. I told her no, I was on my way home, and could they please wait, since it wasn't my fault that I wasn't home to receive the mattress. She said well if you're not home let's just reschedule. And then I said no, I am tired of waiting, Sears has cancelled on me twice already, and I'm already on the way home from work (early) -- I was literally less than a mile away at that point, so I expected Sears to deliver my mattress today.

When I got home the delivery truck and my mattress were gone. I called customer service -- the agent I spoke to called and left messages with both the delivery driver and the carrier to see if they would be returning tonight. I waited for an hour and a half and didn't hear from anyone. Called customer service back and they said I'm sorry, it was a carrier error, we couldn't deliver today. Now I have to wait 3 more days before the first available delivery date. This has been just the worst experience, and nothing but 'sincere' apologies on Sears' end. I find it completely unacceptable that a delivery that requires the person to be home wouldn't allow you to set a time in advance -- in fact you don't know the time until the night before -- and then half the time they don't show up anyway, after you've reconfigured your life to be home at the allotted time. Completely unacceptable and extremely dissappointing. I should have ordered from Amazon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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