Upon delivery of a refridgerator the driver broke my tail light on my car. SEARS informed me that they are not liable because their carriers are not Sears employees.

NEVER have anything delivered by Sears!!! Their NONemployee arrived in a BIGASS Sears truck by the way. Beware ,the people entering your home are NOT Sears personnel. Get their license plate # on arrival.

I wouldn't buy as much as a pair of underwear from this company ever again after such PISSPOOR customer service and disregard for damages caused by their HOME DELIVERY TEAM. You suck Sears.

I've spent hours being jerked around by you fools on the phone. I hope the world boycotts your fraudulent company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Here's the thing. Sears contracts out their delivery services.

They don't own the service, they don't own the truck.

Sears should be able to get you the contact information for the delivery service. This is common practice these days and any number of companies could be 'bad' in your eyes with this situation.


Fraudulent? How so? you were told that the driver is NOT a Sears employee. So you find out the name of the driver and who he works for and you go to them.

Have you informed the police? Doubtful. Have you informed your insurance? Doubtful

I'm willing to be a months pay that the tail light was broke before and you are looking for a free ride.

When you join adulthood please let me know. And your age does NOT dictate whether or not you are an adult.

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