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We ordered a new Kenmore refrigerator and range on 12/6 which we were told would be delivered on 12/11. After removing everything from the refrigerator and having verbal confirmation that everything would be delivered, the refrigerator was no place to be seen.

Once we called AFTERWARDS, we were told that it was not available and wouldn't be delivered until 12/18. Put everything back in the fridge. Remove everything from the refrigerator again on 12/18, and one shows up, BUT it had a large dent in the door. We scheduled a replacement due on 12/26.

Again, after getting a confirmation on 12/25, removing everything from the refrigerator AGAIN, calling after the 2 hour window to be told that it was on it's way but late, we then call a second time to find out that it won't be delivered until 1/3. No phone call to tell us that it wasn't coming, actually TOLD that it WAS coming, and now this.

All day at home for nothing. OK...put everything back into the fridge so that we can empty it out again on 1/3 for the 4th time and spend another day waiting to see if something appears.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Dear Harobbins3,

It is unfortunate that you are experiencing this problem with the delivery of you appliances. There are a few circumstances where we are not able to make the original delivery date due to product availability or other unforeseen circumstances. However this should have not happed to you on 3 separate occasions. My name is David and I work for the Sears Cares Executive team and we are here for assistance. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so we can further discuss your concerns. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the appliances were purchased under (if different than the contact number) we will call you at your convenience. In addition please include your screen name (Harobbins3) in your email so we can reference to your posting.

Thank you,

David V.

Senior Case Manager

Sears Cares

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