Has anyone out there had problems with Sears Kitchen Remodel.I paid a lot of money for Sears to install new cabinets and countertops in my kitchen.

The sales person lied about the time it would take for the install and the financing arrangements. When the cabinets came and were installed there was so much wrong with them that they would have need to be replace all of them with no assurance we would get any better cabinets. The quality of the cabinets look like they are seconds, builder grade cabinets are better than what we got.

I am in Florida. If you have had problems with Sears Home Improvement in Florida please email me at MAWShark@aol.com and tell me about your problems.

Your assistance could save me a lot of money and grief.Thanks.


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Sears quote me $31,000 for cabinets only.No new flooring, No new recessed lighting, or No new appliances.

Just cabinets.

I said......NO THANKS!!!

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States #1178061

I am so Glad we decided against Counter Tops that would cost over $4000 for such a small counter...Thasnk God for our Island Wooden Bar...We are going to just use a Special Paint ourselves...The Salesman actjually contacted a few Banks without our Knowledge which reduced our Credit Score...I am goiunf to Dispute this with all 3 Credit Bureaus!

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #717281

I am one of the many unfortunate and unhappy people who did a kitchen remodel with Sears Home Improvement, and it was an absolute nightmare throughout.The salesman turns out to have lied to me about many things - including promises to provide me as copy and DVD of my contract.

Absolute lack of transparency on the contract! It took eight months from start to finish for Sears to complete my kitchen remodel - and it's a very small kitchen. I fought them all the way, and they repeatedly failed to do things when they said they would. The salesman and project manager kept passing the buck back and forth between them as to who had responsibility for this or that aspect of the job, e.g., why the shipment of materials didn't include everything it was supposed to.

The workmen would come, but without the missing knobs and handles, or without something else needed, which meant that over the months, I had to take 30-40 EXTRA hours of annual leave from work, which is money down the drain for me. I finally started working my way up the Sears "food chain," and ended up connected to a dispute person. But then at one point, they all stopped answering my phone calls and emails for weeks after claiming my job was finished, when it was FAR from finished. That's when I wrote to the Presidents of Sears and Sears Home Improvement, and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Two weeks later, they were talking to me again, and it took another four months for them to finally finish. If I could take it all back, believe me, I would never ever have signed up with Sears.


Wingdale, New York, United States #704044

I am having the same problem How do I opt out?

Lansdale, Pennsylvania, United States #652382

I also am a pissed off customer.I live in Lansdale Pa.My remodeling started in the middle of March and I am still without my backsplash.

My kitchen is one of the smallest ever. I was told it would take one and one half weeks to get done. Here it is 2 months later I'm still waiting. Had no problems with the floor contractors.

First, the corner cabinet came in damaged. Had to wait 3 weeks for that and then only after a phone call from my husband. They kept dodging my calls. Got top cabinets in after only having bottom cabinets for a month.

Next problem, they didn't order enough tiles for backsplash. Installer told me they didn't measure correctly. Another 2 weeks go by and another phone call to Sears. Let's see what happens now.

If I don't hear today I'm going to Channel 6 news to Consumer complaints and BBB. I believe we should be compensated for our time and trouble. They got their money right away now they are taking their good old time. Guess what?

Just got a phone call from James. The tile is in but they won't be here till next Thursday. Today is Friday! Why do we have to call them for them to get their job done?

I have 2 bathrooms to be remodeled. I certainly won't get Sears! For the small kitchen we have and the price we paid and the time it's taking, they are a ripoff. Still another week to wait!

All these delays give them time to install more expensive kitchens.Do they think we're ***?


I didn't like my experience at all either. Did Sears ever resolve any of your disputes to your satisfaction? Did any of you incur legal fees to resolve the problem?


I had my vinyl windows installed by Sears Home Improvement several years ago.Recently, a few of the windows needed to be repaired.

Unsurprisingly, the repairs were non-covered in the warranty agreement. So, I paid for the cost of the repairs. Amazingly, their contractor affiliate took two months to complete the repairs. This process normally takes 2-4 weeks, based upon prior experience.

However, due to Sears continuously ordering the incorrect parts, due to their incorrect measurements, this simple repair became a nightmare. I was even told or better yet given an ultimatum, that I could not cancel the repairs, due to the delays, because I would still be charged. I complained to the manager of the contracting office and the Sears Customer Service Department. Its incredible that no one at this company is being held accountable for this poor customer service.

Its as if, this is standard business etiquette and protocol for Sears Home Improvement. What happened to business ethics? No one employed, at this company, would have even been satisfied with such poor customer service. This example is one of the infinite reasons Sears' overall company performance is extremely low.

In addition, another reason some of their stores are closing and the never ending complaints, about their Sears Home Improvement Department. More importantly, this will be a continual pattern for this department, if the "powers-at-be" do not research the problems and establish solutions. It just good common sense, business-related or otherwise. For future potential Sears Home Improvement consumers, please be wary.

I was considering using them for a kitchen remodeling project, but I will now pursue this elsewhere.

Its just not worth it.More importantly, I dislike companies, who do not stand behind their brand/products and maintain poor business ethics.


If you or someone you know has had home improvement projects by Sears, please visit this website www.searshomesucks.com


I am so very unhappy with my Sears project. They sent the wrong color countertop which I allowed them to install so that I wouldn't be without a kitchen for another month. I hate to even walk through this area anymore.


My parents paid over 20K in 2008 for a Sears kitchen remodeling job: cabinet refacing, Formica counter tops, and a few additional cabinets installed on one wall.The job (the kitchen is very small) is horrific to say the least: the Formica was glued on as was the backsplash and is now coming loose.

Glue is everywhere where the Formica was installed, the refacing job is terrible and the quality of the cabinets is inferior. Lowe's could have given them granite counter tops and superior cabinets for less money, but my mother remembers the Sears from days gone by.

What a mistake!:(

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