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Original Report: June 8, 2011

Do Not Use SEARS Home Improvement Co. for any installations that are crucial to your home or comfort. They do not have emergency weekend telephone numbers and use local independent contractors. That being said I will tell my story: I Just bought a house and was in the process of updating a lot of thing's including installing a central air had none, but had a forced hot air furnace with duct work in place. I interviewed 3 Contractor companies for installing a Central Air system to my forced hot air furnace. Sears was the most competitive so I signed with them.

Next step, they sent in a local contractor (not a Sears Employee) to assess the job. He said that it wouldn't work and I would be unhappy with the results because the cold air wouldn't be blown up to the bedrooms (Custom Split Level Home with 4 floors instead of the usual 3).

Sears sent the sales people back in. He tested my system and said that I had a 2 speed blower on the furnace and that it should work. I demanded that the local contractor come back to assure me as to what the salesman said was true. Contractor tested the 2 speed blower in my system and said that IT STILL WOULDN'T WORK. I said what about a booster motor that could be put on the 2 vents that were the problem (one vent already had one that didn't work-thus the recommendation on my part). He said that would work so we scheduled the job to start.
Installation took the better part of a day. I added a dehumidifier which was installed and they also installed a separate Condensation Evaporator unit.

In comes the electrician to run wiring to the unit and the compressor from the fuse box. All is well and working well on Thursday in time for my company from South Carolina to visit during the Memorial Day weekend. Thursday night sleeping was was hot. I checked the unit and it wasn't working and THE breaker in the fuse box was tripped. I called Sears on Friday morning and they sent the installation contractor back on Friday morning. He checked out the system and said that everything was working well-off he goes. Friday late morning, My wife and I and the guests went visiting (left the AIR on) and came back about 6:30 pm the house was a sauna because we closed all of the windows. TRIED EVERY NUMBER I WAS GIVEN FOR SEARS HOME IMPROVEMENT, LEFT MESSAGES EVERYWHERE BUT COULD NOT GET TO SPEAK WITH ONE PERSON, EVEN TRIED ALL NUMBERS AGAIN ON SATURDAY...NOTHING. My wife was so frustrated she left NASTY messages on all the phone number Sears gave us....NOTHING. WE WERE STUCK WITH A CENTRAL AIR SYSTEM THAT DIDN'T WORK ON THE HOTTEST WEEKEND THIS YEAR. EVEN WITH ALLL THE WINDOWS OPEN IT STILL WAS 85 DEGREES IN THE HOUSE.

Memorial Weekend was ruined due to the heat because Sears has no emergency weekend telephone numbers. Adding Insult to Injury: Contractor came on Tuesday afternoon (after the Holiday Weekend was over) and replaced the Condensation Evaporator unit which he thought was the problem. Unit worked fine for about 2 hours and then no cold air again. My wife went down to do laundry and found the basement floor full of water (Lot of damage to miscellaneous items stored because we we're still moving in and the inside of the house was being painted). It seems that the Condensation Evaporator unit was leaking water all over the basement, after the clean up and throwing out of the damaged stuff my wife put a pail underneath the CE unit.

Contractor is back (scratching his head) everything checks out. Long story longer, Electrician was supposed to run a hardwired line to the CE unit but instead plugged it into one of the receptacles in the basement. This receptacle worked when you turned on the basement light but didn't work when it was turned off...How *** is that NOT TO CHECK EVERYTHING. This whole process was a comedy of errors and omissions. FACT STILL REMAINS, SEARS HOME IMPROVEMENT COMPANY IS NOT GOOD AND IF YOU NEED THEM OVER A WEEKEND FORGET IT....DON'T GIVE THEM THE JOB.

Update June 22: SEARS DOESN"T CARE!
Here's an update for you on my ongoing Internet Attack against Sears Home Improvement. I've filed a formal complaint with the FTC. I've put my story on 5 web sites, so far, some of which are this one and (((ROR REDACTED))). I've also isolated another 7-8 more sites and will put this complaint on all of them in time.

To update you on Sears HI, apparently Sears has a Social Media Department for cases like mine but to this date I have only received 3 e mails from them (no calls) and a copy of 1 internal e mail to their TEAM. Read below, here's a couple of the e mails and the TEAM one. Its IRONIC no one from Sears has picked up the phone and called me (they have all my contact info). The kicker is I'm in Real Estate in Northern NJ and capable of costing them a lot of business in the are


We contacted the customer via email at
(((ROR REDACTED))) as requested at 10:04 AM Central Standard Time. I offered our assistance with his Central Air Conditioner
concerns. We provided our contact information, office hours and case number, 3645455. We will follow-up with the customer in 24 hours to check for a response.
Thank you,
Tricia B.
Social Media Support - Senior Case Manager
Phone: 800-573-8431

From: Social Media Support
Sent: Fri 6/17/2011 10:04 AM
To: San Angelo, Joseph
Subject: SM
Support / Radian6 / Joseph San Angelo / Central AC/TB

Dear Mr. San Angelo,
Thank you for responding. Again, I am sorry to hear you had an unsatisfactory experience with Sears, and I am ready to help find a

solution that meets your needs. My name is Tricia and I have been assigned your case. Please provide me more details on your issue. You can call me directly at 888/266-4043 Ext 19, you can also e-mail me at if you prefer.

I look forward to helping you soon,


Thank you,
Tricia B.
Social Media Support - Senior Case Manager
Phone: 800-573-8431
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM (CST)

Obviously they want me to pick up the phone and call them, I'm the injured party here. It's up to them to contact me and try to resolve my bitterness and anger over the whole mess.

Update June 29, 2011

This story gets more bazaar as we go along. I spoke with a Sears Social Media Representative about my frustration and their incompetent installers...

To make a long story short Sears offered me $100 Sears gift card to make this Internet attack go away. The Sears $100 gift card will probably cost them $65-$75.00. I guess theyr'e hurting financially or are just cheap.

All they did was infuriate me more. I asked the Rep if a $100 gift card would appease her if she were in my shoes, she said no. That being said why should I accept it..


Update July 6, 2011
Sears Home Improvement Incompetent Beyond Words
The latest is "WE FAILED THE ELECTRICAL INSPECTION" not on one issue but 3, on our Central Air Install. It doesn't get any better. Hollywood couldn't script a funnier scenario.
It just keeps getting stranger. How could one simple job have so many problems....Its easy if you let Sears Home Improvement do the job...DO NOT LET SEARS HOME IMPROVEMENT NEAR YOUR HOUSE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

Monetary Loss: $6500.

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Mr. San Angelo~

I had a similar experience, and did the same thing that the lady commenting below did. I've filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection of my state. I'm moving, but I've requested a refund for the repairs on my 'Kenmore' unit. Fortunately, the repairs were done by someone else.

You can file a formal complaint with the State of New Jersey's division of consumer affairs online, instead of bothering to contact Sears again, which is hopeless, as you know. Go to the New Jersey Consumer Affairs dot gov site.

Be sure to have your receipts, dates of contact, and service, phone numbers, the address, and phone number of the Sears Home Improvement store you hired, the sales rep's name and number, if possible, the contractor's name and number, but these are really just suggestions to make this as easy for you as possible. I understand the *** you've been put through. Make copies of all of your correspondence, and of your complaint. Feel free to express your indignation, but calmly, leaving out capitalization, except where appropriate.

Do Not request that Sears do anything other than refund every dime you've spent, so that you can hire someone else. Sears has already put you through too much. Make it clear that you don't want their products, or services ever again. You want your money back.

My experience with Sears was to replace an electric HVAC heat pump. We interviewed several representatives from companies, but the Sears Rep said that for $4,000, I would be getting a Carrier, top of the line unit, and he gave me the website information for that unit, saying that a Sears Kenmore is $1,500 less, but exactly the same unit. He gave me some song and dance about how Sears buys in bulk, so they can sell them cheaper than Carrier does. Now that I think about it, that sounds awfully fishy, but I fell for it. Right after the service warranty expired, it broke. This is in August, and 100 degrees outside. Sears was called because the parts were still under warranty. After being promised repeatedly that we were on their "emergency" list for service, and that someone would call within a half an hour, and after a week of living in ***, without receiving a single call back from Sears, I finally found someone willing to come look at it. I was turned down repeatedly by repair people who refused to touch anything that was sold by Sears, such is their reputation. They underpay to such an extreme degree, that no one is willing to service anything in your home, if they're contracted by Sears. You might wonder, since service was no longer under warranty, why not just call someone else? Because no one could get the parts unless contracted to do the repair by Sears! Sears makes you go through them to get the parts, and I could only find one company willing to do this, but only since I was paying the labor, and only because they were souls of compassion, and understanding. It turned out to be a bad compressor, and it took one week for the compressor to arrive, and Sears charged $125 for the shipping, even though the part was under warranty, and FREE! I tried to get the part online myself, and entered the model number. The unit says KENMORE on the top of it, but my model number doesn't exist online under KENMORE. Guess what? The repair guy told me that the unit is not a high end Carrier unit with a Kenmore label, or even a Kenmore! It's a cheap generic made by International Comfort Products! Our repair person told us that it isn't the top of the line of ANY brand!

We paid $775 for the repairs, which is what I asked for from the attorney general's office. I don't want Sears coming near my home, not now, and not ever again. I'm moving, or I would tell the AG's office that I want the total cost for the unit, because they lied to me about what it was, plus the $775 repair costs, so that I can hire someone else, and buy a Lennox! Now, I don't trust Carrier, because they do shady business deals with Sears, and you know what they say: Birds of a Feather Stick Together.

I wish you, and Ms.Sands the best of luck. I'm so happy that,soon, I'll own nothing by Kenmore!


My name is Jennifer Sands, I too had a new system installed to go from electric AC & Gas Heat pump to total electric system. $6,199 dollars for the install from Sear's using a local *** contractor.

They refused to stand by their system and went to the extent of calling in the county to close out the permit to code install, it failed on 7 points. Original case #9423987, I had to get the attorney General involved to get them to repair.

It has now failed and I spent $1,865 to have another (researched for the best) come out and un-install and re-install the system correctly to STOP the Freon leak in my house.

I think we got a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!