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I went to work for Sears Home Improvement which is an unethical subsidiary of Sears. I ran their leads, which were not true leads to me (seasoned with 18 years commissioned only pay).

Most people were duped into making an appointment as if it was going to be a casual home improvement assessment of their needs. They thought we might spend an hour, we were mandated to spend 3 hours and our lap tops kept track of where we were geographically, how long we stayed on a single slide and how long we were in the home. We were told to be very HIGH pressure - sell on the first appointment. If the customer asked us to come back for a second appointment, another sales person got the sale - never the first.

Most of the people could not afford what we were selling, and the quality of the product is not at all what they claim. They never want their sales staff to find out what the service people are doing. 80% of my customers were unhappy with the product and installation of their new kitchen, bath, carpeting, etc. Most people do not want to buy on the first appointment, and customers that I had that did, were unhappy with the results.

Some customers could not qualify financially - none of that was checked ahead, so here I went often 2 - 3 hours of travel to a customer's home, 3 appointments a day, up checking leads at 7:30 AM and getting home at 1 AM. They CLAIM they pay $0.21 a mile - but management gets the other government specified amount of the $0.54 (.54 - .21 = 23 cents for every mile they send you on they get in their greedy pockets - they LOVE to send you far away.) Then if you have to go back to a customer, you pay for your gas to go back 200 miles. One day I drove for 8 hours alone - had 3 appointments. My manager told me that he did not want to send anyone to the Arkansas border where they had sent me to sell because it was too far away - and she was buying!

They cheated me out of the $0.21 a mile as well by about 1000 miles. They did not pay for the last three sales I made - telling me I owed them money. They lie to the customers - "tell them anything they want to hear" said my manager. "Tell them it's going to be beautiful and they will buy." (No matter that it is not going to be anything near what they wanted or could get elsewhere and for cheaper and better installation.

I could go on and on....but unless you have a lot of money to spend on gas and car maintenance, love to just drive and give high pressure sales with lies and deceit, haul heavy bags of samples around and don't care if you get paid, this job is not for you. Sears Home Improvement is a scam of the worst sort preying on people under a name, Sears, that most people have trusted for their life for quality. That's why I went to work there, and I will never step foot in another Sears store for any reason, nor will I buy any of their products elsewhere. Oh and my manager showed me that he has the number 666 in every password - yes, the number of the devil and he is proud of it.

Is that the Sears you know? Hardly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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Kmart & Sears are indeed thieves. After working 6 months they've attempted to send me mail saying that they've paid me over the amount which I was owed.

Which is not true and would be an issue on them not me. The Sears holding company itself had recently updated terms and a contract to those whom are employees that they may not take action against the company legally if they do not sign the contract.


The system is fundamentally broken. I know of no one except a supervisor and his wife (who are cherry picking appointments) who is making a living wage. At best, an interior rep's job is supplemental income for an associate whose spouse is the main breadwinner.


Had a roofing consultation a month ago signed a contract to have the work to verify and nobody knows anything about it.either a scam or just incompetence.i guess ill find out


Sears breaks its contracts and it's promise to hire qualified contractors and they do not stand by their warranties. I hired inspectors and had over 4 estimates and they all say the roof has to come completely off.

It is not installed correctly and it already has moisture in it. We have not had much rain in two years. I hate to find out I have water in my walls.

I contracted with Sears to install a new roof on my home two years ago and Sears will not fix the problems.

Inspections have pointed out code violations, and the roof has to be completely removed and replaced down to the sheeting.

A roof and the foundation are the most important parts of a home. There is evidence of moisture in the new roof as well as code violations and because they did not install per the manufacturers guidelines the warranty is void. the roof has so many issues that

I hired Sears to put a new 25-30 year roof on my home and the inspectors say it won't last 1-2 years.

Sears hired a less than qualified, non-professional roofer, and Sears did not stand by their brand and left me spending all my money in court for them.

I am in court fighting right now because they will not correct the problem. Sears will not take any responsibility to fix the problems. Sears has actually Counter Sued me because I have not paid them for a roof that is not installed per the contract, not to code, not to manufacturer specifications. Sears actually points the blame completely to their subcontractor.

Sears actually sends a sales representative out with a small mini computer so you can't see the contract and without a printer.

Sears is a scam artist and is only out to fill their pockets. Buyers beware. Sears also has a contract with the subcontractor that if there are any problems with the work the subcontractor has to pay all legal fees and expenses to settle the claim.

Sears has no lost in the matter. I am in court right now two years later fighting for the roof I contracted for and it's expensive.


The marketing person no longer listens to or verifies the customers wants or needs.