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We signed with Sears to install steel doors (3) and a garden window in our home.

The contracted install date came and went, no doors or garden window.

After 2 weeks, we called to find out that the garden window had been delivered to them damaged and they had sent it back. We were also informed that we'd go to the end of the install que.

4 weeks after the contracted date, they came and installed the doors.

Only, for the front door and sidelight, the glass didn't match at all. And the back door glass only sort of matched the intended front glass.

Fortunately, the other door didn't have a window pane.

It took an additional month for them to match the front door glass.

Then 3 more weeks and several calls to make them come out to deal with the back door glass - the salesperson showed up with the catalog to show that it was what we picked

except the glass didn't match the picture in the catalog at all - he also said he had the same door and would look at his own back door to see what it looked like - 11 weeks later and he never called back

At some point, a service person mentioned compensation.

Well, it took 6 weeks and 27 phone calls and e-mails to get a response from the person everyone told us we had to talk to and his answer was we needed to talk to some else.

When I finally got to that manager, I was told that Sears only offers a 10% reduction on unsatisfactory products that you retain and a $50 gift card.

He also claimed it was the best offer in the industry.

We had used Sears for other renos before, but I will never use them again or be willing to shop there ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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I ordered windows and a slider from Sears Home Improvement of Salisbury Maryland. Mr.

Malone (rep) came to we discussed the purchase of 5 windows for my condo. The windows were the only thing for sure, While he was there doing his persentation he saw I needed a new front door and we then discussed my slider. I told him I was thinking of replacing it, I told him I wanted the screen on the inside and he said that would not be a problem (in so many words). So thinking I was getting the screen on the inside (winds are brutal off the bay) I signed for a slider also.

Bill came to $8K. I forgot my checkbook so I let him take it as a debit draw stating that I would be paying the rest by check. He ignored me and proceeded to write by debit draw (i crossed it out and said check). He also insisted to have my SS# (which I did give the SS# for mmy debit withdraw but thought it was intrusive to give it again (there was a lot of assistance0 and finally I showed them a copy of my bank statement (told i needed to verify that money was in bank).

I don't think they trusted me. I was always told that you treat others according to who you are. Well, 62 days later windows/slider was in. Once installed I noticed screen not on inside, and I immediately contacted John Malone by e-mail.

He never tried to contact me so I called Ms. Cooper how told me "sorry" not on contract (I thought it was in his specs) and anyway, we do not custom make slider screens on inside. Either Mr. Malone did not understand what I ways saying or a sale was so important "Just tell them what they want to hear." Never-the-less I have a slider that I am not happy about and I feel i am a couple thousand dollard out.

he also tried to pressure me into a door but I got out of that since the condo will not allow the doors they offered, but he tried, even to the point that i need to approach my condo to see if they would allow his door--I really felt pressure from him. All and All BEWARE!