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We paid $52/year for the Sears Home Protection Plan for the last 3 years. Recently, when our Kenmore dryer went on the fritz, we called the Sears people at 1-800-469-4663 (800-4My-Home).

After playing "telephone tag" with a number of representatives, they all deny any knowledge of such a plan.

According to our last bank statement, the last check was cashed by CitiCorp Insurance Services, Inc. Unfortunately, I did not scan the form or address I used when I mailed it out. They have taken our money and refused to provide any support.

I have contacted our bank for more information about who cashed our check.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Protection Plan.

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I was wanting you to check my home protection plan to let me know if this had been paid.

I found a letter of 8/16/11. I always had this put on my sears card.

My husband passed away 8/31/2011 and they said neither of my cards were any good.

We had a Sears card since 1965. Please let me know my address is still 3047 Oneida Valley Rd, Hilliards, PA 16040 Janet Timco


this type only covers your deductible on the home insurance. Get a $500 deductible and you save on ins every year.

If ice storm or whatever comes along you are covered from this for the deductible amt. It will not cover your contents.

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It almost sounds like you got a third party insurance plan . I would check the literature that you should've been given to find out who you actually are supposed to deal with .

If it is the 800 number and I was start communicating with Sears Corporate offices .

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