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This is a story about how Sears Home Repair Services does a bait and switch on their customers. My Kenmore Front Load Washing Machine stopped working on Saturday, September 10.

I tried to place a call to Sears Repair and received a message that due to unforeseen circumstances the store was closed. I then did the next best thing and placed an order through Sears Home Repair Services website. I received a service date of Tuesday, September 13 from 1-5 pm. I received a confirmation email that they would be here on Tuesday.

I received a call on Monday, September 12th that they cannot come to repair because dispatch was overbooked and the next available service time was Wednesday, September 21st.

I asked for a supervisor and was placed on hold for 20 minutes and then was hung up on. I then called back and asked for a supervisor again and was placed on hold for 40 minutes and still no supervisor. Customer service blamed the dispatch department stating they were short handed and didn't have anyone to come out. They wouldn't put me through to dispatch as they don't speak directly to customers.

I told customer service that it was unacceptable to confirm a service repair and then call the customer to switch the date. I suggested that they contact a third party repair person to honor their confirmed appointment. No response.

I ended up cancelling the appointment and writing a complaint on Sears website.

Hopefully you will be able to air this story and make other consumers aware of the unacceptable repair service scam that is going on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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Sears don't really care. They are scam.

We are experiencing the same, frustrated and we suffered emotionally, mentally and physically. They say the AC we get is Kenmore, then the contractor they had - bad contractor put a different brand of AC. Then SEARS say that the contractor forgot to replace the label with Kenmore - this one is fishy. I say they have bad contractor cos' the AC leaked in our attic.

Big damage. Also don't believe when SEARS says 24 hours costumer service - we did not have AC in Texas for weeks and it was over 100 temp and they don't care - no service until you keep calling them day and night. Sears is a very bad business. I will never ever go back to SEARS, never.

Also, we returned the AC and still they want us to pay for it. Sears is a SCAM and Theft.


We had a washer, dryer, stove delivered and were all used and broken. it took Sears three times to bring us ones that worked.

Still unknown if we got the new ones we had paid for. Our neighbors up and down our street all received used applainces when paying for new ones that were all delivered from Orlando.


I was scammed also by parts price boosting! I would like someone to contact before I post my story all over Internet. Leave number and contact person