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Avoid Sears!!!!!!! Totally a rip-off!

I scheduled a service call for 2 appliances (cook-top and refrigerator). First appliance flat rate for labor was $129 + parts. Second appliance rate (refrigerator) for "visit" was $30. When the first technician arrived, he told me he couldn't get the prong out of the *** that had broken off and I could try to do it myself or call someone else, but he would be able to fix the prong, and not the know.

Well, without the complete repair, I would still have a non-functioning cook-top. Furthermore, he quoted me $400 for the repair (part and labor) for a cook top that wold cost approximately the same if I purchased it new. The second technician never showed. Of course, since he didn't show my rate for a different date would be for a "first appliance" and not a "second appliance."

I think Sears has figured out a way to steal every one's money just by not being able to tell from the start how much their labor "hourly rate" is and what the part will cost even though one has a part #.

highly unprofessional to say the least. Avoid this company at all costs, they don't deserve your hard-earned money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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Don't blame Sears Techs for "no shows" or arriving late. While you may be on Sears repair schedule, the tech won't know it ahead of time.The tech gets the calls "dripped" to him one or two at a time.Since Sears always Overbooks, the dispatch/routing people may know you are on the schedule, the tech may not get the call until a few minutes before or several hours after the scheduled time.


Was scheduled for washer repair today 8-5pm. They were a no show.

cALLED them and got runaround. They said the technician would be there at 5:12p. Still no show, no call, no courtesy. Called them back and they said technician could not make it today.

So they wanted to reschedule to next week. They already got $215.00 1/24. So I said just refund my money. They aaid I would receive a chek 10 business days.

They can take money from your account the same day but can't refund that way. My family has been a lifelong sears customer but now I will not ever use them again........


I have been a loyal Craftsman owner for years (most of my tools and all of my lawn equipment is Craftsman). I scheduled a service call with Sears to have my lawn tractor tuned up....Sears was a "no show" during the four hour window three times.

The customer service department is virtually powerless as they defer to the third party vendor that they use. cannot contact that third party nor can you email them. I spent over 12 hours waiting for service and over two hours on the phone (mostly on hold) and they offered me a $30 gift card to buy more Sears product.

They can keep their gift card...I will be taking my business elsewhere. What a joke.


Ripped off by Sears Tech yesterday. Came out to look at my Dishwasher.

Was here 5 minutes. Listened to it. Motor is shot - he says. Then does an estimate for $514.

Then whips out some coupons so I can go to a "secret sale" on Saturday that only select customers know about. Says I should buy a new one. "Sears dishwashers don't last more than 10 years," he said. I called a mom and pop repair service - they came right out.

Charged me $171.00. Works great now.


I waited at home 2 full days for Sears to come fix my range. The repair guy never showed. Calling "customer service" proved to be an exercise in frustration. They indicated that they would reach out to the dispatcher to see what the story was, then disconnected me and never called back (they have my number in the system - they ask for it every time I call to locate my record). 3 calls later (the first day), I learned that the guy "couldn't find the place" and just left. He never bothered to call for directions (it is really not that difficult to is a city street, and the numbers run in order) and said that he "didn't feel like going back because there would probably be too much traffic". This is after 8 hours of waiting! If he wahave told me so that I didn't have to wait around all day??

The second Saturday, I spent 6 hours waiting, called 5 times and finally (on the 5th time) learned that the repair guy claimed to have called and just decided to leave. He refused to come back AGAIN. I didn't get a call, and why didn't he just ring the doorbell??? He also said he left a note on my front door - there was no note. There were 4 people home during the entire period! The only thing the "escalation department" will do is reschedule you for ANOTHER Sat (I work during the week and can't wait at home for 6 hours for the guy to not show up). The least they could do it give me a tighter window, but they said that dispatch was "very rude to them" and wouldn't give them anything but the standard window. Great escalation department and fabulous customer service!

So, 6 weeks later, I still don't have a working oven (it also beeps incessantly to let me know it needs repair - the only way to shut it off is to shut off power to the kitchen - so I have no light) and I am $250 poorer. Don't use these guys!!