Yesteday, I got online and set up an appointment with Sears to have them come out and look at my refrigerator that was not keeping anything cold. I got a confirmation number for repair to be done today between 1 and 5.

At 5:15 I called to find out what was going on to be told that I was only given that appointment because they were trying to squeeze me in and that they would not be out today. I took off a whole day of work for this. Then I was told they could not do anything for me and the next appointment they could schedule was in 10 days.

Yeah, I think I want to use this company for repairs when they can't even give me good customer service. NOT!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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Also A&E Appliance is the same as Sears repair which most people don't even know. They are both ran by the same people.

Also Kenmore is made by Whirlpool now. Another thing most of the public does not know.


I work for them and I know this happens all the time and when I fight to do something about the lack of customer service I fear I will get fired.


I am having a similar problem with my washing machine. Recently I was duped into buying a maintenance agreement but when I needed sevice I only got appointments that were not kept.

The phone reps are very polite but can only read the same response, over and over. I will not deal with Sears again.

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