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My tv wasnt working so I called sears to repair, they came out said it was fixed charged $170. Ten minutes after he left tv was acting up again.

So i called them back this time instead of telling they didnt know how to fix it they told me they would have to replace some big major component because they couldnt narrow it down, that would cost me over 1200.00 dollars! So of course i said no. So i took my tv to a local electronic repair shop, they called me the next day said all fixed replaced an ic chip Total cost $185. Part was only 30.

So i believe sears techs either dont know what they are doing or tried to rip me off, either way I will never do business with sears again, So basicly they charged me $100 dollars to come out and tell me they were too *** to fix it.

Absolutely would not give me a refund either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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