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I had made an online appointment with Sears Blue Service crew to fix a 4 year old dryer I bought and had installed by Sears.It was working fine until a few weeks ago when I had a new Sears washer put in and the Sears delivery person had to move my dryer.

Since then it wasn't drying clothes like it used to, taking 3-4 cycles. The technician (ID# 1867) arrived almost 45 minutes lates (I had to wait from 8-12, and he arrived late. He said my problem was the vent without him looking. So I moved the dryer for him to show him.

He doesn't do anything, says I have to move the washer and removed the laundry areas doors before he work do anything. I told him I'm late for work, but he says he needs time to do a good job. I asked him, why am I doing all the moving and pushing while he stood there. He gives me his card, as I try to ask him what else I should do, he drives away with me trying to catch up to his moving van.

I called a local guy later, he fixed it in about 10 minutes charged me 50 bucks. I called Sears, the customer people were nice but I don't get how this technician can treat a customer this rudely and still have a job with a company like Sears.

They said they will do something about this but I figured, it's my right to complain, especially since he stole 4 hours of my life, I'm not getting back.

So Tony Sears Blue Service Crew Technician ID# 1867, I hope you are having a better day than I am, because you certainly didn't help mine.

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