we have all sears kenmore products in our house washer,dryer,fridge,watersoftner,dishwasher,when our dryer and watersoftner broke we called the service center,couldnt understand the lady on the other end,she had no idea what she was talking about,when we finally got that straitened out it took 2.5 weeks to get someone out here,they finally showed up,the service tech checked out the dryer,5min later he says the door switch is shot,guess wat no parts on the truck,he checks out the softner,10min later he knows wats wrong,guess wat ,no parts on the truck,cant fix either one,tells me he has to order parts,now i have to pay him 425 dollars before he leaves,and wait another 3 weeks for him to come back,wat a joke,im so done buying anything from sears

Monetary Loss: $425.


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