Medford, Oklahoma

Sears Home Services was the first company to respond and show up to give bids on a new A/C & Heating System for my house. Price from Sears for a Carrier 3.5 Ton unit installed was $11,823 dollars without tax.

The same Carrier unit was priced to me by other HVAC companies at HALF that price.

Other units from Payne and Fridigaire were quoted by other reputable dealers at less than half for a larger unit.

So for some reason Sears thinks you should get pay around $6000 dollars more than you have too. This make me rethink any purchases i may make in the future with Sears.

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What was the Seer rating and was it an apples to apples comparison? Many HVAC companies will sell you the same size unit that was originally installed; despite the contractor buying units in bulk to receive a discount.

A load test is extremely important to determine the proper unit for your home; did Sears or anyone else offer to perform that service (it's normally about $200)?


I've sold HVAC systems for about 18 years, and I can say that a Carrier heating & cooling system, properly installed, could easily run $11k. Carrier are the Big Boys, and their high end models are the gold standard.

And Payne costs less because Payne is poorly made; can't speak to Frigidaire.

Sanger, Texas, United States #272546

I also had the same experience with Sears Home Services. They made me feel like we were getting *** for the price we were quoted, and quoted are you going to trust your family with that?

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