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We need a new water heater. The repair company we had been working with all week to see if ours could be fixed could not get one installed until tomorrow. I called Sears to see if they could have one installed today instead. After the sales rep checked my address and what size and type of water heater we need (and me being on hold for a long time), he came back and said great news, we have two different types of water heaters available in your area that can be installed today. I verified that if I proceed, the water heater will in fact be installed today. He double checked and said yes. So, I gave him my cc number and purchased on through Sears. I canceled the other one that was scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I had been told that I would recieve a call within 1-3 hours with a time that the water heater would be isntalled. After 3 hours of not hearing anything, I called to check in. At that point I was told that I live in a market where same-day installation is not possible.

This is where I start to have major problems with the way Sears conducts business:

1. I gave the sales rep my ADDRESS, including city, state and zip, so that he could verify that same-day installation was in fact available for me. He supposedly checked on this, and I was told that it was available.

2. The same-day installation was THE ONLY REASON I chose to purchase our water heater through Sears. The fact that they told me this was guaranteed and it turned out not to be was total fraud. They told me what I wanted to hear to get the sale.

3. The "manager" I spoke with to discuss my extreme dissatisfaction with their fraud, said she understood my frustration (speaking right off of her script, I assume) and would be able to send me a $50 gift card to make things better. When I went into detail again about how if I am told something will be installed on a certain day and that is the reason I agree to purchase it through a specific company, I expect their end of the agreement to be upheld. At the point of the sale, when the sales rep is given my address, they should have all of the information necessary to determine what delivery/installation options are available. The "manager" told me that the sales reps did not have access to information about a city permit in my market (a top 30 DMA in the US). That is not my fault. It's actually not the sales rep's fault either, but it is SEARS' FAULT. They are knowingly not equipping their sales staff with the adequate information to provide customers with the services they offer. They are committing fraud by guaranteeing services to get sales that they can not hold up.

In the end, the "manager" offered to take $50 off my bill when the water heater is eventually installed. That is not enough - without their fraudulent behavior, they never would have gotten our $700+ business to begin with.

4. When I googled Sears customer reviews, I couldn't believe all of the negative and similar things that I read. It's clear that Sears does not care about their customers. Perhaps that is why they're facing massive store closings and other issues.

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The night mare continues. After being told by the sales rep at 1-800-6420 that the installer would call me by 6pm today to tell me when my water heater would be delivered tomorrow, I had to call them at 630pm to get the information.

After the customer service rep puts me on hold and seems to not be able to get a hold of the installer, he finally connects me with someone who works there. She tells me that the WH will be installed tomorrow between 1-5pm. A lovely four-hour window in the middle of the day - and more than 24 hours after the initial purchase that included SAME DAY INSTALLATION.

When I expressed my frustration to this woman (I know it's not her fault, but her company is contracted by Sears so she should know how horrible they are), she replied, "Well for this order, we have to go out to West Mifflin to pick it up." Sorry, West Mifflin is 15 minutes AT MOST from my house. Sorry for the inconvenience of doing business with you.

I have no hope that the water heater will be installed tomorrow. Maybe they'll surprise me?

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