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As this email is being created, I have currently been on the phone with Sears Home Warranty Customer Service for 1hour and 19 minutes. I purchased the home warranty service plan months ago and my water heater stopped working on 10/17.

I created a work order at 10:45pm that night. The technician came on Monday the 19th and stated he thought I may need a replacement part. The water heater is no longer under manufacturers warranty so Sears was responsible for obtaining the necessary part. I was told this could take 7-10 business days.

Two weeks is not an acceptable time frame for a family to be without hot water - I am sure you would agree.

I attempted to call Customer Service and apparently it is outsourced to a company that is located in South Africa but every associate has an Indian accent and can barely be understood or understand. I finally was able to reach a supervisor who said he rushed the part. This part, by the way, can be overnighted to the technician. I see it being sold everywhere so I am not sure of what the holdup would be for Sears obtaining it.

3 days have passed and the part has not arrived to the technician.

We have now been without hot water for 5 days!!! I have repeatedly been transferred back and forth to different departments in the Sears home warranty and repair department without receiving any answers as to when the part will be delivered. Is it unreasonable to expect a shipment to be tracked in todays world?

I dont think so.

I am writing to let you know of my dissatisfaction with your company and to let you know that not only will I be discontinuing my service plan, I will be initiating a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This is the most unacceptable and unprofessional servicing I have ever encountered and I am a long time Sears patron.

I am also going to request a refund for any money I have invested in this plan because of the level of frustration, loss of time as well as suffering myself and my family have been made to endure throughout this entire process.

Denise Olsen


92 South Jackson Ave

Manasquan, NJ 08736

User's recommendation: Do not purchase this home warranty.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Manasquan, New Jersey

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I have experienced repeated problems with Sears Warranty service as well. I believe they are outsourced and therefore, there is no good service. I'm attempting to make a complaint as well and I am definitely dropping their service and want some refunds.


I agree this home warranty company stinks since Sears went out of business! DO NOT PURCHASE


My experience with Sears/Cinch has been 100% negative. Over $500 in unapproved extra charges, and my water heater was not properly installed. Costing me more out of pocket than if I had just bought the water heater myself.


My dishwasher has been broken since last November, 8 months ago! Three times a technician came out to fix it.

Had the wrong parts the 2nd time. 3rd time the guy told me that it was not fixable and that I would be eligible for a replacement. I have been on the phone with these SCAM ARTISTS at least six times and they always seem to not be able to find the history in their system of my prior calls. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

They are awful and will string you along.

I am cancelling my agreement and buying my own damn dishwasher. It is not worth the frustration.




I total agree with the writer. However, two months has pass since I place the call.


I have also been extremely frustrated with the horrible level of service provided by the Sears Home Warranty. I just got off of a 2 hour phone call with them, wherein I spoke with 4 representatives.

The first one tried to tell me that my service request had not been made under my home warranty plan, but had been made under Sears "Home Services" Department, and therefore, I was required to pay for the service. She said that it was "unfortunate" for me that I had done this and that there was nothing that she could do to help with. However, I made the request for service online directly through the home warranty service request. When I pulled all of my emails and proved that she was wrong, she made up some nonsense.

I asked to speak to her supervisor, who finally acknowledged that I had properly made the request for service. We made a service request in January. It is May and we have yet to receive a resolution of the problem. They keep cancelling our appointment with no explanation and then fail to repair the issue.

We have made multiple calls and have requested that they just provide a replacement, but they refuse.

They are the worst!!! I will NEVER do business with them again.


Sodus NY~ I've been trying to get a service call on our air conditioner for over 14 days. Every time I call for a service job they say they don't have anyone in our area and go find your own service person, have them call us when they are in your home, then we will decide if we can pay the third party, or reimbues you depending on what you need.

This happened 3 times since I took our the contract last Aug. 2020. SEARS is the WORST company! Horrible service if "any" service at all...

WARNNING... keep your money "Sears Home Warranty with CINCH is a true rip off.


I have had the same problem! They are awful!


I am in the same boat as this person. Sears, who has been a mainstay of our culture has let us down.

I have had a Service Contract with Sears for about 7 years. I bought an LG refrigerator that I have called to have repaired about six times. Each time I spent time and in some cases money for parts. My refer broke again after only two months of a tech coming out.

I called this morning and got the run around. I tried the chat. It said i was number six in line then I was number 1. The chat then stopped.

I then called as many numbers as I could. I got a guy with a nice accent. He tried to help me but then I was switch to the main line without any notification to start over. I was able to make a service request on line eventually.

When I called the SP like the prompt said, the phone cut off. Looks like I will just have to wait.

I am in the same thinking as Denise. I want a replacement product or I want my money back or tell me this is not what you can offer and I can leave and go with a company that respects us.


Trusted in Sears in the past and wish I had researched their current performance before entering into our support agreement. Multiple visits, wrong parts, and now total inability to follow up on the still open issue.

When I do find a number that connects to a person, they pass me off to another group that then pass me along until I am told that I have to do it on line. But, based upon my location the Web site communicates that there is no current service rep assigned to schedule and gives me a number to yet another automated system that just connects me to a dead line.


I am having the same awful experience.


I have been a Sears home warranty customer for an extended period as well. I have been trying to schedule the repair of my washer for over a month.

Five separate occassions I have scheduled this repair with Sears, and on five separate occassions, NO ONE has shown. Sometimes they didn't ever return my call (the service tech) When I called Sears to complain about the unprofessional service, the Sears Rep.'s (a supervisor) solution to the problem was to schedule the repair on Saturday, so if the repairman doesn't show up, I "wouldn't have to miss work." Unbelievable. Then I asked them to cancel my agreement, so they past me to another rep. (48 minutes on the phone with Sears) who then informed me that my cancellation was subject to a $25.00 cancellation fee.

I had had enough. Breach of contract, really?????

What about the five times you agreed to fix my dryer and no one showed up???? I am so irritated and disgusted with this company..


I agree, all they do is try to placate you with one lie after another. Every time I contact them its like Ground Hog day all over again. You have to reiterate the problem by starting from scratch.


I purchased a Frigidaire dishwasher plus an extended 3 year warranty from Sears in Boynton beach, Florida in 2018. The dishwasher stopped working in March 2020.

I called for service..technician came on 3/17/20 & said I need 2 replacement parts & was going to order them. I never heard back from Sears. I kept calling & was told in May the parts were unavailable & they would replace my dishwasher with a new one. I immediately ordered a GE brand & they gave me an initial delivery date.

2 weeks before the delivery date I got a voice call from Sears saying my delivery was being rescheduled for another 2 months. I immediately called & asked why & they said due to Covid they couldn't get that model in their warehouse. So I ordered another model that they said would be more available. Again in July I received another automated voice message that the delivery was rescheduled to September.

I called again & asked why. Same response..not able to get in warehouse. I called GE corporation to find out if this was true. They didn't affirm Sears responses they were giving me.

I asked GE Corp. what dishwasher was available asap & they gave me a model that was going to be shipped out in September & I should be able to have it by Oct. I called Sears..gave them the model # & put it in for delivery. Again in October the same phone call saying the Oct delivery was canceled & it wouldn't be until Nov 14 that it would be available.

Then when I called end of October they said the Nov delivery was canceled!!! By now I'm really exhausted & completely upset with this company! I think what they're doing is stalling until my extended warranty expires & they don't have to give me a replacement!!! I called Sears Corp office..sent me to office in California.

I was told by representative that upon looking over all my files that this was totally unacceptable & a supervisor would contact me within 72 hours to settle this case with perhaps a monetary replacement. I said I would accept a check & go out to buy my own dishwasher. Home Depot has many in stock!! I never received a call from a supervisor.!

Ad of today Tuesday 3/27/20 I've made 6 calls & keep getting hung up on or put on hold for hours on end & no one ever answers. This is the worse company I have ever dealt with!

They DO NOT HONOR EXTENDED WARRANTIES!!! I'm going to contact State Attorneys office to file a formal complaint against Sears!!!

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