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I have all of our appliances under home warranty and pay a lot of money annually for the warranties. Sears is consistently terrible to deal with for repairs.

They do not show up as scheduled due to overbooking and do not call to say they are not coming. I do not recommend any Sears Warranty. Sears tries to get you to do the repairs while they consult via "chat" and if you don't fix it yourself and they decide you could have done it yourself, you will be charged. Also, they have no regard for the customers schedule and do not show up or call for appointments they can't make.

I would never buy stock in Sears and see why the company is doing so poorly.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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The worst of the worst..An astoundingly inept, apathetic, and

inane bunch of technicians and most of all, customer service reps.

Nothing but aggravation dealing with Sears on any level.

There is a good reason this atrocious chain will file their BK any time now.

Do NOT ever think about signing up for the Home Warranty.

You've been warned !!!!!


Sears, despite their established, trusted name, is a nightmare on home warranty repairs. I am now on my 5th repairman visit in two and a half months to repair my non-drainng dishwasher.

The repairmen are nice but Sears is incompetent. The repairmen arrive with no parts and have to track them down from other trucks or order them and come back then it turns out they didn't repair the right thing.

The repairmen spend all their time trying to find parts and rescheduling to come back. I would never buy another Sears home warranty.


I have had GREAT service from Sears!!! They have replaced my refrigerator 3xs with brand new comparable refrigerators.

They scheduled the appointment quickly. They showed 4 the app't. on time. They were curtious and professional.

They have repaired my washing machine 4xs and it would have cost $800 to have a service company come 2 repair it. I'm extremely impressed with Sears' home warranty services!