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Had sears out to repair noisy dishwasher 3 months ago. Tech did not fix but instead talked my wife into buying the whole house repair plan.

Said to open plan, wait a couple weeks and then file claim. So we tried that. Claim denied because it was a pre existing condition. Had someone else do the repair.

Today i called sears to cancel the plan. Was told i would have to pay $239.00 early termination fee. I said send me a bill. Now here is when I got pissed!

They told me that I had to pay immediately during the call or else it would automatically be placed in collection. I told them that was illegal and asked for escalation to superior. Gal said she doesn't have one and again demanded immediate payment. Told her to send wherever and I'd let the courts and Lawyers take care of it.

Oh, and they claim we owe for the original service call where they didn’t fix anything.

Problem is, I paid that bill the same day. Avoid this scam at all costs!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Warranty.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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You jokers and your threats of class action lawsuits. Thanks for the good laugh.

You got taken.

Period. Grow up and accept the consequences.


Techs are pushed into selling the warrantys or they won't have jobs. What he did was dishonest and sears promotes this behavior. Do call a lawyer and I am working on a class action lawsuit against sears and cross country that is who owns the warranty.

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