Burnaby, British Columbia
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Signed up for Furnace installation March 11 2011. Salesman came to my home to sign up for the installation and took payment from Sears MC, although Sears is not licensed to sell in home.

March 29, installer arrived to put in furnace, supposed to be done in 1 day. Installer Ivan did not finish the job and left without putting on the cold air intake.

April 26 Ivan came back to finish the installation. I had to call 6 times to get anyone to call me back, I'm given 5 different 1-800 #'s to call plus the installers # and the salesman's #, and the project co-coordinators #. The project co-coordinator des not know why the installation has taken so long.

Installer says that he has never had a gas inspection done on his installs before! He will meet the gas inspector at my house May 2 in the afternoon to go through the furnace and gas fittings.

May 2 no one shows. Start calling Sears again.

May 16 Sears says they are not responsible for the gas inspections and that it is my responsibility to get it done. I inform the project co-coordinator that it is written on my contract that they will complete a TOTAL install, with gas permit, and inspection. They also said the installer did not have his license for putting in gas fittings and he had to write the Alberta exam.

May 25 I call for an inspection of the gas fittings, inspector shows up and finds the furnace will not turn on, and because we have heavy rain that day, the whole chimney/exhaust for the furnace is pouring water down thru my house. I put out buckets and place another call to Sears's emergency service line. They tell me that the programmable thermostat in the house is faulty (over the phone without seeing it), so I replace the batteries and the furnace does start working again, and the water coming in is just condensation because the heat was off and the ducts got too cold. They don't come out to look.

May 26 Call Sears to say the buckets are still filling with rain water, and I finally get to speak to a Southern Alberta Service Manager for Sears, Steve Charpentier at 2 pm. He said he has put in an emergency call to their roofing installation dept. to fix the water leak and he is surprised no one is at my door yet! Steve Guarantees that this whole mess will be repaired in 24 hours and that the installer will be back to finish everything at 9 am on May 27.

10:30 am May 27 roofing guy calls to say he will be at my house at 11 am. 12:30 call roofing guy back to ask "where are you?" Roofing guys says it is raining out so he did not want to come out. 1:15 roofing guy comes out and says they did not put a peaked cap on the vent on the roof so water is just pouring into house and furnace. He did not bring a cap, not any silicone to repair the vent.

1:50 pm Ivan called to say he cannot make it and he books for May 31.

I call Steve back to say that the 24 hour completion guarantee is not fulfilled. I call Sears MC and put a stop payment on the furnace for which I have made 3 payments already.

May 31 different roofing guy comes out and seals up leak with Tar. He did not bring cap either, so just leaves vent open to all the elements. Ivan shows up, makes some adjustments to the furnace and ensures the humidifier is hooked up.

Sears - 81 days to complete a 1 day installation of furnace

- 4 site visits

- 60+ phone calls to get the work completed

- NO GAS PERMIT until I call to get the inspection done (Permit pulled May 10)

- Unqualified installer

- No license to take payments inside customers home

- I speak to over 60 call center reps. in Phillipnes, Indonesia, Toronto, Montreal, and many Eatern States. Only 1 manager calls back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

Monetary Loss: $3900.

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On Jan. 16, 2012 Sears came to install a boiler at my home in long island NY.

As expected, they contracted the installation of the boiler to a plumbing company. About 1 hour into the installation, Sears called to \"check on my satisfaction\". I told them I was fine. That was the last phone call from Sears I have received.

I chose a Sears boiler because of the reputation for service that I had heard so much about over the years from other customers about service. I expected my experience to be customer friendly and that Sears would be contacting me to follow up on my boiler. After five days of no heat and my daughter having surgery to come home to a freezing cold house, they were able to set up my 3 zone boiler to one zone. Included in the price Sears gave me, all three zones of the boiler would have new thermostats.

The installers told me that in order to get the other zones running, I needed an electrician because there was a short in the wiring in two zones but and they could install a new thermostat to one zone and if i ever got an electrician to fix the short in the other two zones, then two new thermostats could be installed. As of this writing, I am still waiting (Feb 9) for them to install the thermostat. The problem as i have explained to them is that this new boiler is putting out too much heat, i have gone thru 80 gallons of oil in 8 days!! it is literally costing twice as much to run this new boiler than it did with the old boiler.

I am so dissatified, totally unacceptable. The thermostat is at the lowest setting and sill my house is too hot and oil is being wasted each day. Sears has not responded to any of my issues. All the details are too long to put here but is there someone out there who actually reaches in Sears.

I have gotten voice mail but no one at all has contacted me from SEARS about my issues with this boiler. I did not purchase a boiler from a plumbing company, I purchased it from Sears and Sears has abandoned this installation completely. The sales rep told me that I would have a project manager who would contact me and no one ever once called me check on my nearly 8,000 purchase. I cannot understand why when i was considering SEARS to install my boiler, they called me over and over but literally as soon as i signed the agreement, that was the last time I could speak to a sears representative.

I was told i would have a project manager and a list of numbers of peopole to call if I had any problems. It did not take long to realize that they are only intersted in sales once a sale is complete then they "assume everything went well" and then never hear from them again. I dont know how you feel about customer service, but the project manager should have called me personally or had some one from the nassau county sears department should have made sure especially light of your financial situation that I was a happy customer. The sales rep told me over and over that no one would leave my house until i was taken care of.

what a lie that was. email- inet93@aol.com


Keep on Calling everyday until Sears resolves everything. It took 120 phone calls, but finally Sears fixed EVERYTHING but they also took away my Warranty on my furnace, because it has rust inside from the water leaks!




sears did same thing to me except its been three years and i am still not sure my unit is working correctly as house does not cool as it did before the unit flooded my house with inches of water while i was on vacation friend who was feeding my pet in yard came and found it flooded. after first year steve promised us sears would make it right…….i still have mold on my ceiling and concrete floors as i had to remove the carpet and the perfectly good cork floors i had underneath it.

found out second year that my unit had not been inspected by city parish…..it flunked they had to come out and fix it then week later i was on phone again with more water…and unit was not cooling properly….frustrated from heat i was told it was that i had improper vents and poor insulation….then why did it work perfectly had my house 69 degrees before i left …..and it was 100 outside…..but now its my house fault that unit wasn't functioning properly……oh and dog hair caused unit to fail but what about the year before i had the dog…..im so frustrated at this point …received call one day to renew my extended warranty so i thought why not so she was trying to work me up a price …..and combine all that i had bought into one plan…..but then wait i cant….she couldn't tell me why ….then gave me number to call i did and was told they would check into it and get back to me…..they never did…i still have till august of 2012 under the old plan…….but still my unit does not cool as it did the first nine months……so i called steve …he said sue sears …. sears care stepped in and got my unit working somewhat but it still does not get my house as cool….but then it was september and already cold …so they call want to know if its working properly ……i told them truth haven't had to run it yet …now again its hot and house t…and i have to use fans now inside house because mid day is so hot…..so i am gonna call them again but i know im not gonna be satisfied till they fix what they destroyed in my house…and my unit works to cool when it gets really hot that is when i need it the most

Sears Response

To Neil Slimm,

I sincerely apologize for the many issues you had surrounding your furnace installation. I completely understand your frustration with Sears and we want to make this right. My name is James and I am part of the Social Media Support Escalations team at Sears and we value you as a Sears customer. At your convenience, please contact our office at smsupport@searshc.com. Please send us an email providing a contact phone number and the phone number the furnace was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email please provide the screen name (Neil Slimm) for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

James H.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support