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To whom it may concern 10/23/2008

Where is the satisfaction guarantee in my situation?

In may I purchased an Kenmore electric range model 790.46713605. The regular price was about 2400 but we bought it on sale for a little over $1600. Within the first 30 days we had to have service come out and fix. It has been repaired about 5 times now. Fans have been replaced, heating probes have been cut and rewired and the control panel replaced. Anyway, I called service yet again because the convection fan that had already been repaired had come loose again and now the warming draw at the bottom was preheat when not on (when you preheat the oven, the draw would warm up too at a temperature that required an oven mitt to touch and it was not doing this before). Service told me instead of repairing that we possibly had a lemon, I needed to call another 800 to get a replacement. So on 10/22 I called them and the women I spoke was very nice and said she agreed with service that this range was not safe to repair anymore and that Sears would gladly exchange our lemon for a new one. So she started that process and found out they were no longer making our model, Sears had a replacement model now. She said since it was no longer available one of two things would happen , we could take the replacement model or we might find a store that still had our model in their inventory. She said to go to the Sears store or on line and find it and call me back and I will process this and she gave me a case number. So I went to the store. An associate showed me the replacement model of ours with a sticker of $2327.00 and they didn't make it with the griddle like ours. I was very disappointed about losing the grill so they showed me floor model with scratches and missing parts of our lemon that was on clearance for 1089. So I was told if we take the floor model of our old one, we would receive the $400 difference and then we might consider buying the extended warranty with that savings so in case this floor model didn't work or had the same issues as the old we would be covered. They said the warranty would start on the day it was delivered ( suppose to be today between 21-1pm 10/23 but they never showed or called and we can't them to call us back till after 4pm??)

I went home and called the 800 number I given to call when I had made a decision, I was hung up on 3 occasions, yelled at and treated like absolute dirt. I didn't understand why the first lady told no I could not buy the range from the store it had to come from on line only which contradicted both the lady I spoke with yesterday when Sears started their take back process and the sales associate at the store. When I asked to speak with someone else possibly a supervisor because I was confused. She became irate with me and hung up. I called again, the next lady was just as horrible. They treated me like I did something wrong to them in some way. I bought a product from sears with good faith that the product would be safe and perform as expected. We had to have it service with in the first 30 days and plenty of times there after. Sear asked me to take the range back because they deemed it unsafe- I didn't demand any of this. This is a big hassle for me, I made my purchase months ago and I thought that it was over, I was sold a faulty item. She finally agreed to let me buy the floor model, but told me I could not get the price difference back- this scratch up unit with missing parts whose price is only 1089.00 --due to no fault of mine-she would raise the price up to 1600. So I wasn't pleased with that at all since I thought I would need an extended warranty on something that had been banged around or return to the store? I then said well then go ahead and just process the exchange with the replacement model of mine and I will give up the griddle feature (the whole reason I purchased this particular model). That's when she said I would have to pay the approximate $700 difference in price. Our replacement stove was not on sale like when we purchased ours back in May or I needed pick out a lesser model that was $1600 or less. I asked to speak with a supervisor to explain this to me and she refused yet again and hung up on me.

I have a product that you sold that by your standards is unsafe and unrepairable. It has features A,B,C& D it has been replaced with a sister model that has A,B,C & D has been replaced with E(D=grill & E= double large burner). But I now have to pay $700 because your product failed? I am confused and no one will help me. I have a unsafe range and no one knows who to call when I talk ask the sales associates. I had never bought Kenmore before,with this experience I will never buy here again. The sales associate were sympathetic but the customer service at one source were horrible at best. I was told by the sales associates that was to be expected from source one employees. I only wish I had known the way Sears handle customer relations before I ever purchased your product. I trusted Sears, I trusted Kenmore, I trusted my range to not be defective and for sears to stand behind their product when it is.

Today, with lack of an extra $700, I am forced to except a display range with all of its scratches and missing parts and I have to pay full price for it instead of the sale price of 1089.00 and I was told I need to pay an extra $300 for extended warranty because this floor model isn't expected to last either. Wow- how disappointing-- No one is even sure now if they will sell me the extended warranty how fitting! I really need some customer service!

Very unsatisfied customer,

Stacy Domingue

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Don't waste your money on the extended warranty. Sears won't honor that.

I didn't get any results from the National Customer Relations either. One guy, "Mark", said he would fix things and then sent me to "Maria" who turned out to be just another brick wall.

I have filed a complaint with the BBB.

I'll never buy anything at Sears ever again.


Unfortunitely this is yet another terrible scenario. I would recommend that you contact national customer relations in reference to the specific store that you purchased it from originally.

On the store level, they then have to take care of the situation in an acceptable manner. Hopefully you can have a positive resolution.