I know a fellow employee who had the same thing happen to him. Was in the emergency room for possibly having a heart attack.

Had a follow up with his cardiologist and had to call in sick, well actually he called in to shift his days off to keep the doctor’s appointment and was later written up because of it, despite the fact that he had all the written documentation to prove his case. After being written up, he was lectured by his manager for over a half hour, during which time he complained of having chest pain and informed his manager he’d his medication in his office on his desk and he needed to take it. Manger ignore him and continued to lecture him.

Later he filed a complaint to be moved to a different department and the Sears HR department gave him a run around and did nothing else. They clearly do not care about any of us and after listening to him talk, I’ve the feeling that if anyone of us dropped dead on the job, Sears management would just fire our corps on the spot, and roll them out the door and continue on as if nothing had happened.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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