After spending five figures on a new furnace and air conditioning system a mere 16 months ago, I can attest with all the others that Sears should not be used for HVAC work (or any other improvement work).

1) System was incorrectly sized. Multiple external parties have confirmed that not only was the workmanship of the install poor, but the system was not accurately sized for my house.

2) Sears went through three subcontractors during my install. Each one felt like starting from scratch. The end product has never worked properly.

3) When the system failed to work properly, contacting sears for repairs became impossible. Example, my furnace stopped working when temperatures outside we under 0 degrees F. Sears told me it would be six days before they could have someone out there. They also told me if I had anyone else touch the system, all warrantys would be VOID. How is that for scare tactics?

4) Sales team and install project managers refused to talk to me even after I had confirmed by outside parties that they incorrectly built the system.

5) The Sears complaint escalation tree is worthless. Everyone feels bad for my situation, but remedies are never suggested or accepted (if suggested by me).

All-in-all I would recommend you stay as far away from Sears Home Improvement as you can. Don't be fooled into thinking that a large company will be able to provide better pricing or support than small local companies. I myself was worried that small local companies would declare bankruptcy rather than provide warranty work, a fact i've seen personally before... Sears doesn't have to declare bankruptcy to not support its customers; it only has to make obtaining that support unfeasible.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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Cumming, Georgia, United States #585217

Had a similar issue with hvac. 8 months after initial problem call and still no service.

Where has customer service gone? I will never spend another penny in a sears or kmart store EVER.


Update to the issue, unit has failed local county inspection at Sear's request...ironic, now it is my fault they have not been able to repair as I want my money back. I do not want them attempting yet another repair of their errors.

Just to wait till next summer when the unit will not work. It hasn't yet.

Yeah I won't shop at Sear's nor Kmart, neither store has anything that I could not get somewhere else cheaper. I can't wait to see the bill when I try to sell my home and have to totally replace for the new owners at my expense....LOVE IT THANKS A BUNCH!!!

Oh and I plan on telling everyone in the world!

to Jennifer Sands Augusta, Georgia, United States #676999

Jennifer Sands again with update, Trying to sell or rent the home, and it did not pass inspection. Just spent an additional $1,865 to have a real HVAC company come in and re-install the Sears system to finally stop the leak. I am going to SUE!

Who would like to join a CLASS ACTION SUIT?


I am in the same boat as well. the HVAC was a good product, the installer destroyed mine.

Now Sear's does not care to repair. 6199 for unit less then year and 1/2 old and I had to go buy three portable air conditioners to cool the house as the central unit is dead. Stay away from Sear's they are no longer a worthwhile company to deal with.

I really wish I had done more research before my purchase, but come on man it's sear's they stand behind their products right? NO they don't!


@jmmblckd: You don't know what your talking about. Kenmore is made by ICP, owned by Carrier which is owned by United Tech.

Any HVAC brand in America is likely made by one of only 4 or 5 manufacturers. And Sears uses contractors LIKE EVERYONE ELSE because it's easier to get rid of bad ones if they have to.

Sears isn't perfect but I've had good experiences with them. They were the only ones who correctly diagnosed a cracked heat exchanger in my furnace, a potentially deadly situation.

2 others wanted to replace parts like gas valves for $600, said the furnace was safe. Thank you, Sears...


thanks for the comments. looking at replacing hvac and ductwork. will avoid those losers.


I am in the same boat. I had my HVAC installed last year.

I experienced it myself after spent countless days and hour on phone. I will never spend a penny at Sears.


sears use contractors because the kenmoore logo is a fake your hvac may be a carrier or york are who every has the contract to sale the system to them in that statethey just take the logo of the unit of and replace it with a kenmoore logo


We are in the same boat,must get the word out maybe we can help other by letting them know.

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