Wimps? Lady you are a joke!

The serviceman that likely completed 12 calls that day, was through this job and had to tell his family again he want see them for dinner! Yes all us techs needs to join together to do something about the problem, but what? These techs are working for a reason TO GET PAID!! That can only work by working, u think a tech should take to court for something that could take years!!

How will he then get paid? Did you think of that NO!! You just want to sit on your do nothing and complain with no real resolve and spout trash out your mouth! SHUT UP...

The problem not only falls with the company but consumers like you!! The consumers that understand its late, that the tech there has been working a long day and should some compassion will get a tech to do what ever it takes to correct the problem no matter the time!

All real techs live to FIX the problem. The problem is the company does what ever it can to keep you down and the as tech we also have to deal with you disrespectful customer that are worst than a spoil brat child!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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