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I bought four new kitchen applicances at my local Sears store in March of 07, they were installed in April of 07. The ice maker is not making ice.

Sears told me that I would have to pay $65 for a service call as it is out of warranty. I have the standard ice maker that is inside the refrigerator. I should not be having troubles. There are two adults living in my home, no children to play with and destroy things.

I will never buy another Sears appliance again as long as I live. I could have bought from Best Buy or one of the other chain stores but I figured Sears has been around forever and that they would stand behind their products. Wrong.

Quality products last longer than 15 months.

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Toddville, Iowa, United States #23431

Becky, there is a 12 month warranty on the unit, unless you purchase an extended protection plan. I'm pretty sure you were offered one, because I can't walk into a sears store without having one waved in my face.

Bottom line, you should have bought the warranty.

Then you wouldn't be living the nightmare you created for yourself. Had you bought it from anyone, you would be getting the same treatment, so stop acting like Sears kicked your dog.

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