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I tried after not learning that the washer (Broke after two weeks ) thing was enough .I thought I would buy all new kitchen appliances good deals on black friday and wanted all them to match Bisque color .I have several appartments so I buy more than most people .I went to pay for the items and ( that was marked on the tag on the frig ) the sales person said that it could not be sold the way it was marked . We went and found the manager and he said to bad it could not be sold the way it was marked .I contact the corporate office and filed a complaint 1 888 266 4043 ext 62 .

They didn't return any calls when they said they would and finally said if I wanted the frig they would give me a discount. I explained that the price at the local store was cheaper than the price they gave me and her reply was this is the best we can do .

I guess with they way this economy is that Sears will be ok with out one more customer and I will tell everyone I possibly can to beware of Sears.You can price compare for better quality items at better stores . Also just found out the neighbor just bought a Sears Frig and the icemaker is leaking and they have not fixed it yet!

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