Ellenville, New York
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Don't buy anything from Sears in Herkimer. I went to return a defective Craftsman battery, Owner said take it to New Hartford, this store is independently owned and I don't have to replace it

What good is a local Sears Store if they don't stand behind Sears Warranty

Battery was even purchased from Herkimer store originally.

Owner even tried to tell me he doesn't stock it when there were 3 on the shelf

I called Corporate Sears and they said being independently owned he wasn't bound to replace it, they do how ever encourage replacement at the local level and if he did they would have credited him for it so nothing would have been out of his pocket

Drove to Sears in New Hartford, Battery was replaced with no problem

I won't buy another thing from the Herkimer store

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Replacement.

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That's still an excuse by SEARS. When it's all said and done SEARS is responsible.

If nothing else the independent owner store should've explained you have to go to a regular Sears store for replacements. And corporate Sears should've been told they have liars selling their products when he complained about the lack of stock.

Although what does the actual store owners reciept say-is it a Sears reciept?

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