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On February 14, 2010 I purchased a game table Sportcraft 3 in 1.It was a floor model and the salesman told me that it was in new condition and with all the attachments that came from factory.

It was schedule to be deliver the following Saturday. I paid $ 75.00 for that delivery. The following week I waited all day for that table to arrive, about 5:00pm I called the store to confirm that was coming and was told that it was on the way. Around 7:00pm I received a call from the store telling me that they had a problem with the company that they subcontract and they would not be able to deliver the game table, to stop by the store to get credit for the delivery fee of $ 75.00.

About 9:00pm I received a call from the subcontractor apologizing for the inconvenience and advised me that his truck broke down and that was the reason that he could no deliver the table and offer to do the delivery the following week free of charge. The following week the table was delivered around 7:00pm but one of the games was missing, the ping-pong table, the driver advised me that Sears did not gave him the ping-pong top. The next day I went to the store and explained to them about the credit for the delivery. The assistant manager gave me the $ 75.00 credit, once that was done I ask for the ping-pong table she told me that I had to speak directly with the salesman that she did not know anything about that, at that moment I request to speak to the floor manager.

I explained to him what happened and he told me that will talk to the salesman and will call me within 1 hour and I left the store. No one ever called me from that store. The next day I call for the manager and he did not want to talk to me.

Up to now no one from Sears has bother to call me to give me an explanation why they sold me a complete set and received an incomplete merchandise All I wanted was I complete game table and they delivered an incomplete set and a lot aggravations.I've continued to call the store but no one from management return my calls, they always on a meting or not to be found on the floor i really don't know who to call anymore.

Review about: Sears Manager.

Monetary Loss: $557.


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Naples, Florida, United States #752634

I bought a new washer and dryer.They installed it incorrectly and ruined a load of wash.

They refused to take care of it.

Avoid them at all costs.Terrible customer service!


Called Sears 4 a svc call for our washer/dryer cuz it leaks when using certain settings.Was told someone would be at our home between 7a-12p.

Got a call @ 8:45a by someone who said they didn't have the parts we needed, cuz they were told that they were to do a pm. Supposedly they were gonna call someone else to help us. Meanwhile, we waited until I asked my husband to call around 10:20a, & he was told someone was still coming. Guess what?!

No one showed up!! Meanwhile, we had a couple if parts break on our fridge. Got 3 out of 4 parts. 2nd delivery just 2day...still wrong!

Sears has gotten sooo bad.Will NEVER buy anything from then ever again.


SEARS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sears delivery in Naples is awful.I live in St.

Louis and have a condo in Naples. I purchased a bed and washer/dryer in STL and arranged for it to be delivered in Naples. We drove to Naples and expected deliver the next day after we arrived. The delivery folks called my cell at 7am and when no one answered, they cancelled the delivery for that day.

I had already received a confirmation call that the delivery would be made between 1pm-3pm. When I listened to their 7am message around 8:15, I called and was put on hold. After a very, very long hold on my cell, I hung up. I tried the Customer Service 800 number twice and was told both times that someone would contact me.

Never happened. We desperately needed the bed so I called my sales rep in St. Louis. I told her the situation, we hung up and then she called me back in 30 minutes after she spoke to the delivery manager in Naples.

They told her that is was a routing problem (not true) and that they had spoken to me and offered me $50 for my trouble (NOT TRUE!). The bed and appliances were delivered 48 hours later after numerous calls changing the delivery time.

That was the end of May and I still don't have the $50.I've never had a problem like that in STL.


We have been buying linens and such to decorate homes and the staff are always very helpful and friendly.

If there are usually comes from the top, (trying to save money) and all it ever does is cost money by losing customers.

So wake up management! Customer service is your bread and butter.

Also for those of you complaining about uneducated least they are working to earn a living. Would you rather they sit on social assistance? I find these people usually the most helpful and gracious. I find the problem lies with the higher educated management. It is they who feel they are too qualified to be bothered by your concerns and therefore never resolve the issues .

Zbaszyn, Wielkopolskie, Poland #151661

Purchased fridge from them and dooor seals would not seal after 2 years.Since they did not have the right seals to replace they needed to replace both doors.

That would not be covered under the warrentee. Sears wanted to give us a 500.00 credit or pay 1500.00 to get it fixed. Long story short the 500.00 credit we got only could be used on another appliance which was less that 500.00. We could not apply that money to a new fridge.

after we got the run around for about 2 hours after speaking with the sales person and manager of the department and then the regional manager we finally gave up.



Hmmmmm looking at the post from Sears in Longwood......I can't begin to imagine what is wrong with this company.

How about if they start by hiring people who can write a basic sentence and perhaps go so far as to require a HS Diploma.

What a joke....Learn the language and learn to write before you post anything.


Go straight to the top!Call the President of the company and calmly atate your case.

*** flows downhill.Sears would not want to lose consumers in this economy!!!


I swore I would never again enter a Sears store or buy anything from them again.I had one of their Fridges that *** near caught the house on fire.

It was under warranty but refused to replace it. They made me wait 2 weeks for service and just replaced parts.

When I reached customer service management, they all just hung up the phone on me.

Very poor image when I needed them to shine for me..


“There is no need for anyone to be cold, hungry, homeless or in poverty. All these things are caused by the lack of pieces of paper and electronic numbers called money circulating in the world and by the charging of interest on them. We could change that today if the desire was there” David Icke

The bankers can accumulate and manipulate businesses by accepting, or refusing, loans.

The whole house of cards, and the control of the human race, is based on the charging of interest on money. The subject of interest is crucial. There is nothing wrong with money if it is used only as a measure of exchange for goods and services. It is when you can charge interest on money, most of which doesn’t physically exist, that enormous dangers arise.

You can then make more money from manipulating pieces of paper and electronic numbers than you can from producing essential goods and services for people who need them. With the charging of interest, the money chases those who already have money and ignores those who have not. The cataclysmic social and financial divisions in the world are caused by the charging of interest on money.

Production is geared to greed, not need, and the rich get richer and the poor, poorer. Often it is not the cost of a house that prevents people from buying a home; it is because we have to buy three or four for the right to live in one!

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