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My Kenmore stove of 5 years stopped working correctly and was having a runaway temperature. Paid $129 flat fee for a repair agent to come out and tell me what was wrong. When he arrived on 12/21 he advised that the part to repair was $168 but that if we wanted to get a new stove instead he would give us a $65 coupon.

Went to the Wentzville, MO store and purchased a new Kenmore stove to be delivered on 12/23. Received an automated message at 6pm on 12/22 asking to press 1 for confirmation of delivery or 2 for reschedule. My father accidently hit 2 and it gave a reschedule date of 12/30 and disconnected. Called the number back and advised the agent of the error and was advised there was nothing they could do. Gave me the number for the consumer solution dept, a joke. Contacted them and was advised "That they could not put it back on the truck……." I advised them that it happened less than 5 min ago and there was no way they could have taken it off????? Agent I talked to had no empathy what so ever. Obviously didn't really care at all, just quoting policy.

Contacted the store back and the salesperson was much nicer. Advised me that someone else had done the same thing the day prior and the Manager of the store was able to get it out, but she called back 5 min later and advised there was nothing that could be done, but if I wanted to pick it up I could drive to Granit City, IL, 70 miles away. Are you kidding me???????? Me and my parents have spent $1000's of dollars in new appliances with sears over the years and was our first stop. But after this experience I will NEVER make them my first stop, and will gladly advise as many people as I can about the entire situation. I, myself am just one person among many, but I hope to spread the word as much as possible. Just bought a new stove at LOWES as well as a new refrigerator. Not only could they deliver next day FREE, but the warranty was much better. My advice to anyone looking at a SEARS product is look elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Coupon.

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