I am in my 50s and have shopped at Sears all my life. I'm now finished with them.

After a faulty dryer installation by Sears, the dryer electrical Connection Board melted down. (The installer did not tighten the screws on the cord.)

I called Sears for a Repair. The technician did not even look at the dryer but instead wiggled the cord and said to call an electrician. $300 into the "repair" now -($119 for the Sears repair guy, $200 for the electrician and parts) - the electrician replaces the plug, checks the breaker box.

. .finds no problems. Electrician looks at the dryer and finds the blown/burned connections due to the bad installation. Sears passes me to SEVEN different reps when I call to remedy the situation.

45 minutes of cell phone time! I called the store and they blew me off. (Sears in Lynnwood, WA.) They still will not make good on this error: worse they pass me from person to person seven times and make me keep repeating the story. I am forced to call a third repair person, unrelated to Sears to try to fix my dryer.

I've spent six hours and $300 already, and I assume I will spend another $200-300 to replace the blown Connection Board - and that's if the entire dryer isn't destroyed. I've had it less than three years. I will never shop at Sears again. Sad, really.


Their technician didn't even look at the dryer and told me to call an electrician. Unbelievable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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