Sunnyvale, California
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Sears home installation.... homeowner beware.

I purchased a garage door opener with installation from sears. The installer came and installed the opener an I noticed the next day chunk of the was molding damage and its pulling away from yhe wall when the garage door is in use. I've called, I've emailed, and called again voicing my complaint and concern. I was told the manager "Jeff " from sears home service is not in and the message will be given to him.

2 weeks later not one person has returned nor emailed me back regarding my complaint.

So in the mean time my $300plus dollars are going to waste because I cannot use my garage door and my car has been stuck sitting in the garage foe two weeks. Beware of using sears services for your home.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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Really! Your car is stuck in the garage.

Pull the cord and open the door manually. Just be sure it clicks in place when it's lowered.