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I purchased a lawn mower, washer,dryer,and hot water heater,along with 5+yrs service plans on all.

The water heater  was delivered May 15th after multiple phone calls,lost rude drivers, verbal abuse and attempting to head a meeting and work. The delivery guys were rude on site, all that was required was to remove water heater from truck and park it in the cabin.i was told by sales person thta they would pick up and dispose of old water heater that was already disconnected and in th driveway for 15$,  yet these guys refused to take for anything kess than 80$.

I called and spoke to the delivery manager and reported the incidents. Then called to have it installed and was told oops there are no installation techs in that lart of town. I had to *** work drive up yo the cabin to meet an installation guy that i hired to intall. Upon arrival the water heater was left upside down and in the box, no manual or paperwork at all! I called the supposed delivery manager back and he assured me thta it would not harm the unit to be left upside down,yhe only offer he made was to send the same yahoo's back up there next week.

Of course i refused that,and wasnt able to *** work again to meet someone else to flip the water heater meanwhile pay the installation guy I hired to come back again.

My installer installed the water heater and guess what? It did not run at all!!!#### I paid to have the entire cabin re plumbed and an electritian to inspect brakers and fuses,which were all found to be functioning fine,but i requested they be replaced anyway to be on the safe side.

I have spent hours on the phone just about daily for the last 3 weeks attempting to get service to call me back and shedule a time to look at it.

NOT 1 return call from service. 

I called the sales person back and begged for help, I was then notified that Sears doesnt have service techs in the area either,that they are subcontracting that work out. Why sell me a service contract when there is no service available? I was conned into purchasing an agreement for NONEXISTENT SERVICE,and a service phone line that is absolitely rediculous,it takes 10-15 minutesto gt through the prompts,then to have no one be able to give me anyninformation,all they can do is submit another ticket to the contractor and hope they will call within 48hours,which is another joke, they admitted to me that there is no one that i can speak to who negotiates these imaginary contracts with local plumbers,or yhat would be able to hold them accountable for not following through and actually calling customers to schedule a service call!!#!!

I paid someone to stay at the cabin,which happens to be 45min awayfrom TwinCities and happens to have a Sears store 2 blocks from my cabin.

my personal cost at this point is almost double what i paid for the water heater to begin with!

I then called the store back who connectd me with the store manager.

Keep in mind this water heater is covered 12years under manuacturer warranty,service contract for 5yrs and The supposed NO LEMON GURARANTEE that Sears regularly boasts about!!

His offer was to have another water heater delivered (but i had to pay someone to disconnect this one prior to delivery, and have some one, or *** work again to meet them) The dates that i gave him that i could possibly *** work, manager says that they dont deliver those days. Then schedule with service to install the replacement. Yeah right! I was.repeatedly rold that I am liable for the unit until it gets picked up,so cant leave it in the driveway, for them to pick up. But i can get a trailer and some guys to load it and drive it back myself. Again at more expense to me,and not easily done as I AM HADICAPPED AND HAVE TOLD EACH AND EVERY SEARS EM0LOYEE I HAVE DEALT WITH!

I GOT an automated message today that there is service scheduled for tomorrow. Less than 24 hour notice,that no one actually called me to schedule,that I had to spend another 45 min on the ph9ne to cancel,as i cant get off work.

When i called today i asked to speak to a manager, got someone named Katriana who first claimex she was a supervisor, than told me she was a manager,yelled at me, argued with me, stated there are no managers,didnt speak engilsh well kept trying to give me another phone number to call-same 1800 number o called to get her. When i told her i didnt want to talk to someone who lies,she argued more,iasked if i could speak to someone as there could be a launguage barrier she argued and stated the she "spekers de english bery goot" 0

 I give up,i have been mislead,harrassed,verbally bashed,run around the block,completely disrespected and disregarded by SEARS!

I also had problems with washer and dryer that i ended up buying parts for and having to install myself to use them,after i paid for installation and delivery.

2 days after those 3 guys were here,miraculously there was an att3mpted break in,and the thieves went straight towards the area that the appliances were dropped off. There have been 0 breakins or issues at all in my neighborhood, and my home has been in the family >60yrs.

I want it gone,refunded,and with what sears has done, i want all 4 service agreements refunded. 

It turns out that my mother was the first woman to ever get her own credit card, I have family that has worked for SeARS FOR 48 YEARS!

This was a store and brand that i trusted, now have been made a fool of, and robbed of my hard earned money,and for the last time, HANDICAPPED, fine way to be treated.

As i have done some looking online, i am one of many. Sears should either buck up or shut down!! 

Many people have witnessed these inteactions, have all asked what company and i have told them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Issue still not resolved,going on 7 weeks now.. customer realtions for social media actually less helpful than regular customer service.

Still have a lemon water heater,scheduled a pick up, driver called and said they would be 5 hours earlier than confirmes time,and they never showed.

No hot water, no refund, no nothing! !!!#####


Sorry to hear about your issues. But its high time people give Sears the boot.

They don't install, delivery, remove, or stand behind anything anymore.

Sadly, 1972 is history and so is Sears.

Wake up people buy from a local trusted source. You will save money over the long haul.