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Went to Sears and bought a surround sound system. It was late and they reactivated an old card of mine. Tried to change the address but they told me to call a number when I got home and do that. I forgot but about a month later called. I was told I didn't have an account there, asked about my husbands and was told they couldn't talk to me about that one. I said even to verify the address - NOPE. Decided to wait for a bill. Bill never came and I forgot about the whole thing. Got a collection agency letter in the mail - Sears NEVER contacted me - NEVER tried to - but turned me over to a collection agency after they racked up like 6 months of interest so wrote off some astonomical amount. I called Sears they couldn't speak to me about this matter (their Customer Service is something to be desired) not even to verify what it was for or anything. Of course we settled with the collection agency IMMEDIATELY because we would have paid our bill if we could just have gotten it in the first place. HOWEVER it is on my credit report as a write off. So a person with perfectly good credit gets a black mark because some company has shady customer service. I've sent a letter to them and now to Citibank with no response (Citibank has taken over their charges I guess). I will not be shopping at Sears anymore and I would recommend that you not charge anything there if you shop there.

A very unhappy person with GREAT credit until this

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Your going to bash a company and tell your friends never to shop there because of your mistake? I bet you also forgot to tell your friends when you were bashing Sears that you waited a months to call huh!!!......oh by the way its not sears credit anymore its citibank..go bash them not Sears.. :(


So the sales associate told you to call and you waited a month?



citibank is the problem!!!!!