sears is a joke. i had thier credit protecion plan, payed extra for it.

my apt was burglerized. and i sent in the police reports(s). i sent the insurance papers SIX times.. because SEARS kept thowing my info into the trahs.

tis was in 1998. and they are still sueing me> ! *** SEARS. the pugent snotyness and cold power execs at sears should be fierd.

the sears credit protection plan ppl never have got any of my ins. claims. i cant find an attorny to sue the pompus butt holes. and all they want in my MONET that i do not owe them.

screw sreas. i have never shoped at sears scince and will NEVER buy anything from KMART or sears.

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I actually believe it, I had a central AC installed and Sear Blue Crew has been to my house 7 times and has yet to fix it correctly. they now cancel my appointments. The joke should be How many Blue Crew members does it take to change a light bulb...


This complaint is total bullsh*t and is obviously a scammer, someone who got a sears card bought a crapload of expensive merchandise and maxed the card out and now is trying to scam their way out of paying by making a false complaint saying their stuff was burglarized.

If ya read the fine print or even the basic print on the credit protection plan you can see that it doesn't protect against theft.

It protects you if your get unemployed or are hospitalized and cannot pay the monthly bill, they will defer interest and if any halt payments until you are able to start paying them back.

Alot of credit card companies offer this extra protection for a fee, not just Sears. Quit being a scammer, YOU FAIL!

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