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We bought a new fridge at sears in Maui Hawaii. It was for a new tenant moving in that week on a tuesday

Fridge was paid for and on tuesday no fridge, We called and they said sorry it was out of stock but did take our money in full the week before. But they did have a floor model a few scratches though, What were we to do tenant is already there. Now two years later its dead dead and not even repairable. Thats probably because its junk form God knows what country. So now Sears just says too bad you should have go a warranty.

Please Please Please reconsider any other place in the USA to buy appliances from Costco Home Depot or Lowes but never go to Sears

Lets get rid of these terrible rip of stores in the USA

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I have to agree with the entire sentiment regarding SEARS. We started using them 12 years ago and they were by far the best.

They delivered on time, repaired things on time, serviced things like clockwork. Then the rot set in. Now they have lost all credibility with everyone I know. What comes first?

the decline in public opinion or the decline in service levels? It has to be the later. Then things get worse and stores close and the rot gets ever more to be a part of the whole organization. Sales slump, people are cut, repair shops close, and reputation declines even further.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work it out. The people on the inside push for lower prices from their suppliers and the quality declines. Our last purchase was a $700 BBQ, that is now looking like a 15 year old wreck, yet its only 3 years old! Thin metal, cheap controls, fails to light, paint finish failing.

This was when we decided never ever to buy from them again. The BBQ before that lasted 10 years, but was not from SEARS - lesson learned, once bitten twice shy!

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