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I was a worker for Sears in Tucson AZ for almost 2 years. All they cared about was their credit card applications.

No one ever said anything about to make sure you have good customer service. It was everyday "how many credit apps or WOWS do you have?" We had to get 1 credit card application for each 25 customers. Although even when we did that we still had to hear "why don't you have more!!" Completely Money Hungry!! I was fired for not having enough credit card applications.

But others got to stay and were rewarded for their goals. Although the "top sellers" spoke Spanish to the Spanish customers and did false applications but it went good towards the company so that certain sears turned their heads the other way.

Employees also tricked and connived elderly people to fill out the applications and management looked the other way. I think Sears in Tucson AZ at Park Place Mall should go under investigation for their illegal and wrongful acts.

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If you weren't there employed at THAT store then you have no clue. Also it has nothing to do with CitiBank. It is Sears, It's AT THAT CERTAIN SEARS.


purpose of signing people up for citibank is to please citibank...and give customer a line of credit with them to buy applianes the interest makes money for citibank...and of course illegal aliens no credit standards and anti white racism helped the creit bubble its law EEO and bs dude....the managers are unethical the business has the rules and enforces them if someone speaks up but sales are sales...

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