I am so upset with them I have had to make 2 seperate app. and took off work to be home just to have no one show up.

I just got ogg the phone with them again and all they can say is sorry we can make another app. yea right miss anotherday work to see if their come no Thanks.. I guess people just dont know the meanning of what your word should mean, they just dont know how to stand behind what they say.

But look at out leaders get they get it from them. any more words has no meannings (so sad )

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Saipan, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands #18236

Gruber, you're such a lying ***. You had your A/C serviced (poorly) by a third-party, who screwed everything up badly, then tried to blame it on Sears. You're lucky they didn't sue you for fraud. The BBB won't even deal with you anymore because you refused to let them deal with Sears after you took your complaint to them.



A Concerned BBB Employee

Essington, Pennsylvania, United States #17311

I wholeheartedly agree --- here is my story:

Several years ago, in 2003, I brought in three people to give me estimates for installing central air units. One of the three said that I would need two separate units. The other two said that my house needs only one unit. Because of the Sears name, I decided to have Sears install the units. I figured that their subcontractors are all top notch.

The installation began, and was completed. The AC system was turned on and my house was not cooling in the way that it should have, but my electrical bills went through the roof. The Sears repairman finally came in, after waiting two weeks for an appointment, and he told me that I should have had two units put in - not the one. He then looked at the system closer and called his supervisor.

It appeared that because of the difficulty of the layout of my home --a tudor - with the many cross beams, vents were not snaked to the first floor - instead, I was air conditioning the outside.

Of course, Sears apologized, gave me a small financial settlement and redid the AC system in 2004. Sears looked at the payment as a refund - I looked at the money as the money used to pay my electric bills the previous summer. This may seem like semantics - but there is more to the story.

Though my bills were high, my house was somewhat cool.

The following summer, the central air unit broke down again - Four years - three breakdowns! Last Summer - 2007, upon returning from vacation in mid August, I called for repairs. I was promised, because of the previous debacle that if I ever had repair again, they would come out immediatley!! They lied! I was then told the earliest appointment was on a certain date. As a school teacher, I was unavailable on that given date, but scheduled it for the day after. Two days before my appointment, I received a call that they will be coming the next day. - I responded that my appointment was ofr the following day. They told me that I was wrong and therefore I "missed" my appointment. This mean no air conditioning for August and September of 2007.

Finally, after being forced to reschedule, and after filing a complaint with the BBB, they arrived in October and made a makeshift device was created, using electrical tape and screws, to catch the water so my system doesn't short out again. I again complained to Sears of shoddy workmanship and the use of shoddy products. This time I followed up on my complaint with the BBB until I became a pain in the a _ _ . Sears responded, came to my home and replaced much of my system in November 2007 and admitted that the system used was not a good one and the that water constantly accumulated in the pan to short out systems. I turned the AC on in October to make sure it worked --- for the 6 hours that it was on - it worked.

Three weeks ago, the temperatures in the northeastern part country hit 90+. The AC system worked for 12 hours and then it died AGAIN --- I called Sears to come for repairs, but they are unavailable until June 24 ---three weeks AFTER the breakdown --- Today, June 16, I called Sears to try and reschedule my appointment and they hung up on me twice! The first person was to the service center to reschedule the appointment and when I requested to speak to a supervisor, she put me back in the main directory. The second person, refused to give me her name and put me on hold – and then the standard message of “if you would like to make a call……” came on – In other words, she didn’t even put me into the directory!

I finally called National Customer Service at 1-800-549-4505 – they then put me onto the main mailbox again! I recalled again – and insisted on speaking directly to a supervisor, they refused until I gave them my name and address again! You can guess what happened – I was put back into the main directory, where it hung up on me again-----

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