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Sears is fraud because last year they had a promo which promised to give customers $50 in rebates if they buy $50 or more in Dockers men slacks. I bough $65 in Dockers pants. I mailed the rebate request as required but never got my $50. When I called Sears they said they never received it which is a canned response by many retailers who don't honor their offers.

I went to the store, one manager told me that she will give me a gift card if I bring the receipt. I went home and returned the next day with the receipt, but she renegged on her promise. I demanded to see the store manager but she was not there. I returned a week later with the receipt, the manager requested a copy of the rebate in addition to the receipt. I brought het a copy of the rebate, but she only gave a credit to buy something on the spot which I did.

In june of this year Sears had a similar promo on Fathers day, customers were requiered to buy $50 in mens apparel to get $50 in rebates. I purchased almost $200 in apparel. When I went home I looked to see how to submit the rebate online which was an option. I waited 4 hours but the site never displayed. I tried again the next, this time I waited 5 hours.

I called Sears, I could not get anyone on the phone other than the store support who are bunch of *** morone and nincompoops. They said they will have somebody fix the website but nothing was done. I was told I could submit it in the store.

I went to the store, asked for the manager, an assistant manager said she will help me. I logged on to my account and then she took over the rest. She entered all the info required including date of purchase, ammount and store location and all that and submitted the request. she received an error message. We redid everything and submitted the request. the second time went thru. The manager told it takes 3-5 days to process the request and 30 days to receive the rebate.

I received 2 emails at home, one to thank me for the submittion, the second telling me that the information I submitted does not match the information they have. I got furious and felt like destroying this god *** *** terrorist *** company. I am sure you guys understand how I feel and why.

SEARS is a company from ***, their scheme is to make hard as possible to submit the rebate because if you can't submit the rebate you will not get any rebates $. Also, my rebate was submitted by one of their managers, so they cannot blame me for any errors or mistakes and was done on their inhouse computers. Finally how is it that my receipt info is diferent than what they have? it is impossible. Regardless if they have the info then they should honor my request because they know what I bought.

I am convinced that SEARS IS company from ***. SEARS are fraud theives, evil, scammers and *** artists. I will never buy a *** FROM SEARS again after I get my $50 rebates. If I don't get my rebate I will return every piece of RAGS I bought to the *** store. and I will for the rest of my life go after this company and put it out of business.

So I hope every one who reads this message to learn something and not buy from SEARS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Website.

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