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We went in to purchase a $300-$400 Sear Craftsman Accessory for our Tractor. They had it assembled on Display. Sears is sufferring in the marketplace and has turned to decit. What ended up being the box they gave us (loaded in the back of the car) WAS NOT the product they had on display, not what we bought and DID NOT have the needed accessories attached to the display without warning they were not pat of the kit being assemled. Having spent hours going to Sears, returning, assembling and thrying the Lawn Sweeping device (on Sale and spent just over $300), some leaves were collected but most remained on the ground. The instruction we somewhat confusing so we therefore drove back to examine the Display to see if we could fighure out whatever we did wrong in the assembly. SHOCK. Not the same unit on Display we had purchased, the desperately needed Rake Attachment was allegedly not included and they wanted another $90 plus tax, and after spening so much time and effort, SEARS refused to honor its obligaitons, said the Display Unit was not available, and wanted another $100 for the so-called accessory part. Now we've probably spent in range of $50,000 on a new metal roof (looks like beautiful Italian Clay Tile) with coated-woven-wire leaf shields for our 400' of gutters, so money is not motavating issue. As a contractor I am careful to examine products and buy those thing that are right for the "JOB". We have 50 trees in our front yard, thus the volume of leaf material is significant, last year my wife and her friend did about 150 4' bags and out disposal service would take about 7 per week so I naturally built my wife a large Compost Bin to use on her garden.

The problem with SEARS is its' intentional misrepresentation and decit. So they spend all this money trying to get customers into the store and then alienate people by falsely marketing products, assembling displays and actively tricking perople into believing they are buying something specific. This is clearly wilfull bait and switch game designed to defraud the general public at large. Thier *** is not well received. I merely paid for the Craftsman Rake Assembly (collection device is useless without it), put back the other $500 in products and accessories I was buying and will most assuredly BUY THEM ELSEWHERE.

Good move SEARS, win the battle and lose the war.


Pissed, not *** Consumer

Monetary Loss: $750.


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