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Dear Sears, I am issuing a complaint. Your product is a disaster.

Your service is worse. I purchased your top of the line Kenmore washer/dryer on Nov 25., 2017 - salescheck # 010662262636 at store number 01066 in Jacksonville, FL. I purchased the white glove install and the correct hoses and vents per your sales rep. Since that purchase, I have had 3 service calls on the units and the units continue to have issues, error messages and noises that should not be there.

The second service tech (ref# 0008185) said the units are non-repairable and to call the Sears sales rep for scheduling a replacement. He also said that the installers did not install the units correctly! The installers did not use the rigid vent tubing I purchased...but rather flexible tubing. The service tech said he could not touch the vent tubing as he is not allowed...only installation can touch that...are you kidding me?

I called the sale rep. The person who sold me the units (Antonio Singletary) no longer works at Sears. I was told I had to call Sears Customer Solutions to get a replacement. More run around...

I called them (Customer Solutions)...they said no they cannot replace because the sevice tech notes are not clear...that they needed to send a third service tech out to assess the units. I said no, that is ridiculous. I already took 3 days off work...1 for install, and 2 for 2 separate service calls (where you get a 4 hour window and wait around.) I lost 3 days or work already on units that Sears promised were best of the best...satisfaction guaranteed.. Well that is a lie.

Now Sears wants me to take another day off work...I asked for a Sat call...nope...no Saturday. So…I take day 4 off work and wait for 3rd service tech. He showed up 1 hour after 4 hour window expired. Wasted my entire day.

Spent another 2 hours completely disassembling the unit. The last tech tore apart the entire unit spreading pieces all over my home (I have pictures...) and put the unit back together but could not fix the noise issue nor the AF error code. So Sears brilliant idea is to send out techs for calls #4, #5, #6 and #7...before Sears is convinced the unit cannot be fixed. Meanwhile, Sears wants me to take 7+ days off work to sit around and wait for techs to arrive an hour after the 4 hour appointment window expires.

That is what Sears calls Customer Service! Your customer rep said...sorry for the inconvenience.... Are you serious? We are beyond inconvenience.

It was inconvenient to take a day off work to install the units. It was frustrating to have a service call on a brand new unit. It was upsetting to have a second service call. Now a third, fourth,…seventh call?

We left "inconvenient" territory a long time ago! Jayden from Sears Customer (NO)Solutions answered the phone today. He told me that he was the highest point of escalation allowed by Sears for us "common folk". He told me that in reference to issue # 5471097, that I need to sit on my *** and wait for a part to arrive on Jan 27 (13 days from now) while the laundry pile stocks up and to wait in my home 10am - 2pm for a tech arrive...(most likely around 3pm because every other tech arrives later than the window so far) and that is THE BEST SEARS can do!

Jayden also reminded me that I do not qualify for a working unit yet because I have only had 3 service calls...not 7! That I can only qualify for a non-working unit, paid in full up front...and his hands are tied as the highest point of escalation. I bought Kenmore because I used to think they were the best. You proved me wrong.

This was my second Kenmore set (first being the front loader HE5T). Never again. You have convinced me that Kenmore is no longer a product worth buying. You took my payment and you installed a unit in November that we immediately called and notified was not working, making noise and giving error.

You want to drag this out to February and later...and still this unit does not work, makes noise and gives error codes. I am a victim of your product and you are treating me like the problem. I have never experienced such a horrible level of service. I regret the decision to buy from Sears.

I am issuing a complaint. You can reference case # 5471097. You can pick these units up and give me my money back. I want a full refund.

I want a refund for the money I spent and you can waive the restocking fee and I will waive all my lost wages and hours spent calling your service lines. Your service teams dropped my line twice already when transferring me from customer solutions to warranty to install...and I had to call back, wait in line and re-explain everything...I have spent hours on the phone. You have done a fabulous job of getting me to hate Sears. I am obviously frustrated because no one is doing a damn thing to help us.

Perhaps you are comfortable treating people this way and perhaps most just accept this type of treatment. Perhaps I am not like most people you abuse. I intend to fight back for what is right and just.

What you are doing is wrong. Forever Frustrated

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Washing Machine Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Replace the dryer unit with a new...working unit.

Sears Cons: Worst customer service ever, Lack of accountability, 7 service call policy unacceptable.

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I had defective motherboard after defective motherboard put in my Kenmore frontload washer & dryer until I turned them over to Best Buy for a $200 credit towards new LG pair that has worked flawlessly for 4 years:-)


Makes so glad i am able to fix my own stuff. The newer stuff may take some research but i can do it and fix the issue...techs are trained monkeys sometimes.


Terrible situation.

Appliances were fine until they were computerized.

Your complaint is wayyyyy too long ; I understood everything after the first paragraph - but you're probably just venting your frustration.

Always remember : when complaining - keep it simple.