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I drove to seasrs for a hour in heavy traffic. I needed a hedge trimmer.

It showed in stock. When I got there I could get no one to help me. I ran someone down. The trimmer I wanted was out of stock.

I asked if they could sub another. They looked at me like I was crazy!!!! I asked for a supervisor....They sent one over...Supe#1, Ill have to get approval, she paged one, after 10 min. she showed up....Supe # 2 I can't do anything w/o a manager approval.

Supe# 3...I cant do anything for you!!!! I now have investd over a hour in the store. She finally agreed to take 10% off another one.....Guess what! The other one was already on sale (not tagged on sale)....And we came out the same.

The last two supes. were RUDE>>> and would not Listen to what I was saying. They were so QUICK!! to say I can't do anything...before looking at thier options.

What is it about Sears that promotes rudness?

I retired from Sears after 33 years.... Guess what, we would do whatever it took to take care of the customer.

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