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My father ordered a new fridge for me in August but it was an inch too big. That day, the delivery men lied and said the whole return process would go faster if they left it in my house.

They just didn't want to put it back on the truck. It was supposed to take two weeks. It's now almost January of 2015 and they tell me every month that it isn't their fault. It's the manufacturer that won't send it to them.

I've taken 5 of my work days this year to wait for no one to come. They don't even call you when they change the delivery date. I've spent 12 or more hours on the phone talking to really, really unintelligent people. They don't even know what to say to me anymore so they gave up.

They used to send gift cards when they messed up but the last manager told me they couldn't do that any more since they sent so many. Now, it's supposed to be here January 26th but it won't come. I'm suffering from mental illnesses and this fridge in my living room isn't hooked up so it makes a LOUD noise every few minutes, making me jump. I've told sears this and they won't pick it up since it will delete my order.

They have held on to a LOT of my money for these six months since the second fridge ordered was much less expensive. Not a big Christmas for me since Sears is using my extra money. Not many days off for me this year because of Sears. I am shocked to find that there is a "Sears Care" program since I've emailed Sears International pleading for help.

No one cares. I'm living proof that no one at Sears cares. I've talked to about 10 managers and 15 employees on the phone and all they want to do is pass me off to someone else who doesn't care.


Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Sears Cons: Delivery experience, Home delivery, Poor customer service, Delivery men are liars, Managers lie, Foreign customer service grade f.

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The delivery men didn't feel like wheeling the new refrigerator up our sloped driveway so they loaded it in the back of my PU truck and said that they would return later in the afternoon. Never happened.

The thing is sitting in my truck.

No food, no fridge. Close to 10 calls to wherever and nothing.


Hi there!

This has been ongoing for far too long! We want to assist!

We absolutely would the chance to earn your trust back in us. We do not like to see our members dissatisfied with our products or services.


We would love to help!

Please reach out to us on one of our social channels so we can best assist you going forward:


• Sears Facebook: • Sears Twitter:   Both channels are moderated from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and Saturday-Sunday 8am-6pm CT to happily assist our member's with any issues they may have!     Thank you, SearsCares


You should have never let them leave the fridge in the first place.Once you did that you sealed your fate with them.Sorry but that is well known how they operate.


Now we know but it was my first appliance purchase at Sears. I missed the memo that EVERYONE knows how Sears operates.

Thanks for the apology for Sears, though.

It's the first one I've heard.

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