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Calgary In 29 Mai we buy at sears Chinook center a new fridge Sam sung and we buy addition insurance for 5 years cost $419.99 ,2 week later the ice maker is broken we call service center to do repair,and they sent the first technician on 07/13 so hi say ok i gone to order the ice maker to replace,and on 07/25 they call at my home to make appointment so they can fixed the ice maker,on 07/28 the technician coming wrong time and wrong day no body home,so i call back and i get bigger shirt on the phone by there employer because i am not home,and i say because they mess up the appointment so they rebook another appointment,the third technician so up on 08/23 and hi as me what is wrong? i so surprise the guy thing no any thing about the ice maker is broken and hi dint have any part to replace so the guy left,i call back to the center they have no idea what go and on,so again they make more appointment on 08/28 and the guy so up with the part yeeee...

and the guy star to replace the ice maker but still not work and hi say oh i have to order electronic plate at the back to make them work so his left,2 week later i have the new guy coming to replace electronic panel soon his start nothing is working so hi fin out they order the wrong panel and the guy tell me hi will other this time the right one hi say i mess sure i will be the one coming back next time to fix you fridge so his left until 10/14,surprise the technician coming back but is not the same guy ??? that what hi promises,any way the guy start to replace the panel bang????

surprise is not working again??? the guy say sorry hi have to order other one,so is take 5 month still not fix for one ice maker and i been see and have there technician so up at my home,they have total 15 technician to do the job for one city population over 1 million that why they never can be done any job is the worse service ever i thing no one shout go to buy any thing from Sears you don't get help or get any thing from them after,get away from Sears for ever

Monetary Loss: $2603.

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