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Between customer service in India. Constant transferring to another number and department (no problem ownership) and a horrible web site Sears is the worst for appliances.

Average on pricing and F- on customer support (just plain awful).

I love a good deal but even on good deals I steer clear of Sears due to horrible support, ridiculous warrant prices and an annoying delivery system that is subpar at best.

Lowes and Home Depot have to be rolling their way to the bank when competing against Sears and neither of these competitors drop the ball nearly as much as Sears.

Just goes to show you how a hedge company can run an American legacy into the ground.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I find it hard to think Sears could be worse than Lowe's. I will not walk into one of those stores after my last experience with buying and delivery of an appliance.

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