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At this point, I am completely and utterly disappointed at the level of customer service I have been given by Sears.

The first incidence was the stacking kit not being ready for pick up at the appropriate date. As I have mentioned in previous emails, I was transferred on the phone multiple times and was placed on hold for 20 minutes by one representative, who I believe forgot that I was on the phone. Finally the issue was resolved through you by telling me the expected pick up date was 2 weeks off the initial estimated date. The item was returned and I had to buy the item at Best Buy as they offered me same day guaranteed pick up.

The second incidence was the delivery of the washer and dryer Unit that I had ordered. The dryer vent was set to the WRONG side. It must be a RIGHT SIDE vent and they delivered a left side vent. In addition, NONE and I mean NONE of the equipment for the washer and dryer was in the truck. This includes the flexible pipe, the close elbow, the electric dryer cord and the washer hoses. NONE of those 4 materials I ordered to have delivered were actually delivered. The delivery men dropped off the washer without installation because again they DID NOT have the hose I ordered.

The third incidence, I spoke to a customer service representative about getting the correct dryer delivered, I instructed her to have the delivery service men call my roommates number because I was unavailable to *** of work. As I already have taken a day off to deal with the first delivery incidence. They did NOT call my roommate who took off work as well and waited at the house at the appropriate hours.

The fourth incidence happened today, the delivery men came to deliver the right side vent dryer and it was COMPLETELY incorrect. ON HIS delivery sheet it stated right side vent dryer but the dryer he had was a back vent with a switched door. PLEASE indicate to me how this deliver has gone completely wrong. Not only did the delivery man have the WRONG dryer, he also had NONE and again I SAY NONE of the materials I ordered. I asked him where the materials were and he said I did not order them. I pulled out my phone showed him my order information and he stated that all those materials should have been delivered, but they were NOT!!

As this is my first time ordering from Sears this has been a HORRIFIC EXPERIENCE. Not only has the inconvenience been great but also the monetary loss from taking off of work has been great.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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I order my daughters christmas items online at the website stated order by 12/20/2012 and get your items by 12/24/2012. I placed my order by 12/18/2012 and received a confirmation e-mail for my delivery date made for 1/3/2013.

I called sears to cancel and was told i could not cancel the order and was respondsible for return shipping and a 20% restocking fee of purchase price.

I will never order from or shop at sears department store again. is the way to go, i

I received my items in 2 days!!!!