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I AM SO PISSED OFF AT SEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We ordered a range back in January to replace the one we had to reorder.(That whole re order/get the credit to our mastercard was a nightmare all on its own!! It took months of ME hounding them to finally get our $1500.00 credit put back to our card)

At the end of Aug early Sept I had to phone repair because our oven & stove top are not working properly(kept getting an error code)I talked to the repair rep(who is in the Phillipines) who dispatched it to the repair fellow Rick here in Abbotsford.

Never heard anything from Rick so I had to call Sears repair line back again to get them to get Rick to call.

He finally came out to check it on Sept 8th. He determined what he thought was the cause for the error code(althought isnt it curious no one could find the error code that was displayed on my range)They ordered the part and Rick said it was going to be in by Sept 12th and he would recieve the part by the beginning of the week and could have it in my range early the week of Sept 13.

Well today is Sept 30th and still no call from Rick or Sears to let me know what is going on????? Does that surprise you???

I phoned Rick today and he said that Sears in Burnaby has the part since early Sept but couldnt give me a date when they got it & he said they scheduled it to be put in Oct 1 (which is tommorrow) but they have not sent him the part so he couldnt fix it tommorrow if he wanted to. NO one has confirmed anything with me about tommorrow. I have been without being able to use my oven since all this!!!!

Back when Rick was here he said that the part would be in Burnaby by SEpt 12th and he would recieve it by the beginning of the week of the 13th.Now he gives a completely different story.

This whole experience confirms to me that Sears, its employees & its contractors I've dealt with are DISHONEST,& cant be trusted to give at least the minimum customer service & satisfaction.

I know full well emailing the company is absolutely USELESS!! but felt I needed to send one anyways. My family has shopped Sears for well over 40 years but I can guarentee we will never shop with Sears again!! And I will make it my mission in life now to tell people how badly Sears treats & deals with customers!!

Our experience in customer service & satisfaction has been the worst we've ever experienced.

From a VERY unhappy customer


Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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